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160 children found buried in another closed school in Canada


Over 160 anonymous Aboriginal graves found on the grounds of a Canadian residential school. The need for a thorough investigation into crimes against humanity has intensified in Canada. Here is all about it.

Several anonymous indigenous graves!

Last June, more than 182 corpses, found in the former Canadian residential school in British Columbia, Canada. Additionally, investigators found the remains of 215 children, including corpses of children under the age of three in May 2021. From the 1800s to the 1970s, Catholic missionaries ran boarding schools for the natives. However, the government has recognized the physical and sexual abuse of children. Democratic Party lawmakers have now called on authorities to investigate these horrific residential school crimes.

Here is what the native tribes were saying:

These acts of genocide caused a great wave of loss and grief among the peoples of the indigenous tribes and others. Unfortunately, this may be just the tip of the iceberg. Reports suggest that several anonymous graves are waiting to be discovered.

“We understand that many of our brothers and sisters from our neighboring communities attended Kuper Island Industrial School. Furthermore, we recognize with great sorrow and loss that too many people have not returned home, ”said Chief Joan Brown in his letter. “We are at another time when we have to face the trauma because of these acts of genocide,” he added.

Here is the government’s response

“I recognize that these findings only add to the pain that families, survivors and all Indigenous peoples and communities are already feeling as they reaffirm the truth they have long known,” said Justi Trudeau, Prime Minister. Canadian Minister.

“To the members of the Penelakut tribe, we are here for you. We cannot bring back those who are lost but we can and will continue to speak the truth, ”he added.