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7 Government of Canada jobs in Quebec that pay $ 50,000 + and you can apply to today


Everyone knows that looking for a stable and stable job in Quebec can sometimes be a headache. Between all the restaurant jobs, tech jobs, and the thousands of college students looking for the perfect job, one solution can be found: government jobs.

That’s right, Canadian government jobs can provide some of the most stable and rewarding jobs in today’s job market. And luckily, most of them will pay you a fairly decent salary as well.

Here are seven job postings that pay over $ 50,000 / year and are currently accepting applications. Consider this list as a source of inspiration – a starting point for browsing career opportunities in the federal government.

Be sure to check out the full list of requirements for each job and application.

Document management technician at the Ministry of Justice

Salary: $ 50,821 to $ 54,857

Location: Montreal, QC

Who should apply: At the General Directorate of Information Services of the Ministry, you will maintain “economy and efficiency in the creation, maintenance, storage, retrieval and disposal of Ministry of Justice records” . This could be a perfect opportunity if you are looking to build a legal career.

Check out this job offer here.

Ice Service Specialist at Environment and Climate Change Canada

Salary: $ 57,924 to $ 85,272

Location: Montreal, QC

Who Should Apply: In this fascinating career opportunity, you will work as an Ice Service Worker Apprentice helping “provide the most recent and accurate information on ice and icebergs in Canada’s navigable waters” . Preference is given to applicants studying in “Marine Operations, Meteorology, Remote Sensing, Environmental Studies and / or Atmospheric Sciences”.

Check out this job offer here.

Communications Officer for Parks Canada

Salary: $ 71,820 to $ 77,608

Location: Montreal, QC

Who Should Apply: As a member of the External Relations team, you will work to engage the public, leveraging relationships with “the media, tourism and boating industries, municipalities, Indigenous communities and groups. of common interest ”, according to the job posting.

There are three different streams for this position, widely split between engagements, promotions and public relations. Each requires applicants to have “recent and significant” experience.

Check out this job offer here.

IM / IT Technician at Environment & Climate Change Canada

Salary: $ 56,907 to $ 73,333

Location: Dorval, Gatineau, Montreal or Quebec, QC

Who should apply: Environment and Climate Change Canada is looking for candidates to fill various IM / IT technician positions at its Quebec City offices. By submitting an application, you may be considered for a position when a position opens in the near future.

Check out this job offer here.

Customer Service Agent at the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA)

Salary: $ 58,076 to $ 65,363

Location: Everywhere in Quebec

Who Should Apply: The CRA is building a pool of applicants for customer service jobs spanning “a wide range of opportunities, from administrative assistants to debt collectors and more,” according to an online breakdown of opportunities at the agency.

Check out this job offer here.

Administrative positions at Transport Canada

Salary: $ 50,821 to $ 61,379

Location: Chicoutimi, Dorval, Longueuil, Montreal, Quebec, Rimouski or Sept-Îles, QC

Who should apply: Transport Canada is also accepting applications in anticipation of filling various administrative positions across Quebec in the near future. Jobs will be available as needed.

Check out this job offer here.

Intellectual Property Examiner for Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada

Salary: $ 71,599 to $ 77,368

Location: Gatineau, QC

Who Should Apply: As an IP Examiner, you will “assess and process applications from individuals and businesses for the registration of trademarks and industrial designs in Canada,” according to the job posting.

It requires applicants to have “strong writing and reasoning skills” as well as a post-secondary degree.

Check out this job offer here.

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