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Alarmism debunked: Arctic sea ice is only 3% below its 30-year average


Arctic sea ice is just 3% below the 30-year average

Climate change alarmism debunked

Paul Joseph Watson

According to the latest report from the EU’s Earth observation programme, Arctic sea ice is only 3% below its 30-year average.

Oops, failed story!

The Daily Skeptic’s environmental editor Chris Morrison explains the data.

The red line on the left graph plots the 2021 record and it can be seen that this is an improvement from recent years. The deviations from the average in March and September shown on the right have both narrowed in recent years. Of course, in historical and geological terms, these changes are insignificant, but they are likely to dampen the generally hysterical tone about polar weather found in most climate change debates. This tone was dampened in 2009 when former US Vice President Al Gore announced that there was a good chance the North Pole would be ice-free in the summer by 2013. As for climate catastrophism, the Arctic is the gift that keeps on giving. Discussing a crackpot plan to ‘save Arctic ice’ by sprinkling it with glass, the BBC Future Planet site noted in 2020 that the region was in a ‘self-destructive feedback loop’. Much of the ice was said to be “disappearing rapidly”.

Morrison goes on to document how Arctic sea ice rose and fell over hundreds of years of historical records and long before humans began emitting carbon dioxide to any significant degree.


As we pointed out last year, one of the authors of the UN IPCC report that focused on the “extreme” consequences of man-made global warming hailed the fact that “people are starting to be afraid” of climate change and that it “would affect the way they vote.

However, doomsday prophecies about climate change have been proven spectacularly wrong time and time again.

According to a highly publicized 2004 report, human-induced climate change will cause “millions” of deaths, the collapse of major European cities, nuclear war and global environmental riots…all by 2020.

It never happened.

As we reported in January 2020, Glacier National Park in Montana was forced to remove all signs that read “glaciers will be all gone by 2020” after the doomsday scenario didn’t happen.


So-called “climate experts” have been wrong time and time again on absolutely everything, from Paul Ehrlich’s prediction of millions of starvation deaths in the 1980s, to Al Gore’s absurd claim that the Arctic would have “ice-free” summers by 2013. .


In the late 1970s, climate experts declared that a new ice age was coming. This does not happen.

None of this ever happens, but the same “experts” are still given platforms and vast funding to insist on lowering our standard of living, while voices of dissent are silenced by government decree, Big Tech censorship and social media algorithms.


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