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Azuki Digital Manga Service Adds 4 Manga From Glacier Bay Books, Star Fruit Books – News


The manga include fake stars, En Chan’s house, more

The new digital manga service from KiraKira Media Inc. Azuki announced on Thursday that it has added manga from Glacier Bay Books and Star Fruit Books.

The manga from Glacier Bay Books includes:

Fake stars: Red Riding Hood’s Apprentice Wolf through Sayaka Mogi:

Mani & Wul… they exist in a world that is hardly divided between three tribes: Human, Beastkin and Hunter. While neither could respect either, the two, Beastkin and Hunter, were a family together. Here is their story… A stand-alone work featuring Hunter Wul and his apprentice wolf Mani. It also “completes” the short series “Red Riding Hood’s Apprentice Wolf” published by Kodansha.

En Chan’s house by Ayumu Arisaka:

Combining a modern artistic approach with a whimsical take on creation mythology, the story follows the titular “En-chan” who, embroiled in a natural disaster at a convenience store, time passes to herself as a child. one year…

The manga of Star Fruit Books include:

Look me in the eyes by Miyako Yoko:

Following the pop idol group’s decision to disband, the manga focuses on a member’s struggle who depends on the group to boost his own self-esteem and keep his personal demons at bay.

The city where you live by Uminoji:

A color collection of three stories. Someone who learns more about who they are by accepting themselves as they are. someone who learns more about a lover who is no longer with them, and someone who learns more about the world by searching for a place they belong in their town.

Azuki launched June 28 on iOS, Android and English web browser worldwide except Japan. The service offers simulpub manga chapters shortly after their launch in Japan, in addition to a library of other titles. Azukithe first partnership was with United States, and the service offered titles from the publisher’s catalog at launch.

Free users can access some chapters with ads. There is also a subscription available to customers for US$4.99 which allows subscribers to read manga without ads. Comment threads are available on each chapter for discussion by registered users.

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