Home Glaciers Below Deck, Rhylee Gerber shares details on thrilling Alaskan glacier adventure [Exclusive]

Below Deck, Rhylee Gerber shares details on thrilling Alaskan glacier adventure [Exclusive]

Below Deck, Rhylee Gerber shares details on thrilling Alaskan glacier adventure [Exclusive]

Under the bridgeRhylee Gerber from ‘s has described her Alaskan glacier adventure as one of the most jaw-dropping experiences she’s ever had – and fans may end up seeing the encounter on a show she’s doing film.

The Knik Glacier trek is just one of many authentically Alaskan experiences Gerber offers through his organization. Rhylee’s life tours. From ice fishing to hunting, Gerber’s services allow guests to see the true heart of Alaska, and glacier trekking is often on most adventurers’ to-do list.

A few friends joined Gerber on the final trip to a frozen waterfall – but first they had to get there. “I’ve done glacier hiking before,” she told Showbiz Cheat Sheet. “But this is my second time in a helicopter and my first time ice climbing.”

Rhylee Gerber went from ‘Below Deck’ to soaring above a glacier

“So yeah, that was amazing,” she shared. “I was able to book a trip through another affiliate in Alaska who is knowledgeable about Alaska tourism and we were able to go on this trip with Alaska Helicopter Tours.”

Rhylee Gerber | photo of Rhylee Gerber

Even the helicopter trip was wonderful. “First of all, flying above anything is always kind of exhilarating to me,” she said. “But when you fly over something like beautiful scenery in Alaska and especially a glacier, it was intense. Not only are the colors as vibrant as in a glacier, but it’s also so vast.

“It’s like you’re falling,” says Rhylee

“We ended up coming to this frozen waterfall that was 200-something feet,” the former Under the bridge sailor told. Tour guides strapped Gerber and his friends into harnesses, showed them the technique for climbing the frozen waterfall, and then allowed them to explore.

Rhylee Gerber climbs the Knik Glacier
Rhylee Gerber | photo of Rhylee Gerber

Gerber recalled how a friend of hers took up ice climbing with ease. But Gerber had some stressful moments. “My legs started shaking uncontrollably,” she recalls. “Because you slip up sometimes. They tell you to go ahead and launch your choice in a certain way. But sometimes the ice doesn’t hold. Then your legs slip or your hands slip. This happened while Gerber was perched a few hundred feet above the ground.

“It’s like you’re falling,” she described. During this time, climbers rely on the person holding the ropes to ensure a safe climb. “I think there was one time I just fell like two or three inches and my legs kept shaking afterwards. [laughs].”

Rhylee Goes Beyond “Below Deck” in Her Latest Adventure

Gerber said the entire encounter was filmed. “They wanted to get some good drone shots,” she said. “And my cameraman thought it would be a great idea to send the helicopter up. And take a shot of the helicopter literally like you’re hovering right next to us over the waterfall.

“So they told us, but within seconds it was over,” she continued. “At that point, we were already at the top of the anchor, so we couldn’t climb any further. So we were just standing there, but I was also a bit down. So I was sort of standing, suspended. It was an exhilarating adventure and I would happily do it again.

Rhylee Gerber speaks with her film crew

Rhylee Gerber | photo of Rhylee Gerber

The entire meeting lasted about half a day. “We also went for a walk on the glacier,” she said. “It was really cool and of course I saw all the crevices. We saw moose droppings on the glacier! It was like where the hell did that moose go?”

“Then we got back in the helicopter and convinced our pilot to take us for a little ride. And he did. And of course he did things that we couldn’t film. But we landed at 7,000 feet on top of a ridge line on Chugach Mountain where it was so intense. All white all around us, and it’s scary because there wasn’t much room to land. And then we go out and you could trigger an avalanche. It was so crazy to be on top of that mountain, just looking over that barren, beautiful frozen Alaska.

Gerber couldn’t give many details about the show she was filming, but said fans should stay tuned.

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