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Best Educational VR Games


The incredible capabilities of virtual reality aren’t just for video games. Creators use it to provide educational experiences that people might not otherwise find. You will learn to use tools that were once only available to highly trained professionals and educators.

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You’ll learn how the human body works, see the amazing things humans have created throughout history, explore our planet, and travel through the vast world of outer space, all in VR environments designed entirely for . The games on this list offer such an immersive experience that you’ll forget their sole purpose is to educate.

ten InMind 2 RV

Jeans from InMind 2 VR

The Disney movie Inside Out and Lovheim’s Theory of Emotions both inspired luden.io during the development process of InMInd 2 VR. You will learn how brain chemistry influences emotions as you step inside the brain of a teenager named John. Find out what it does and trigger appropriate emotions during certain scenarios.

John will grow into an adult as the game progresses, giving you increasingly difficult emotions to deal with. Depending on the emotions you trigger, he will react differently to the world around him – these emotional responses strengthen his interests and relationships.


9 Mission: ISS: Quest

Promotional art for Mission ISS Quest

Mission: ISS: Quest is an Emmy-nominated simulation game where you board the International Space Station to experience what it’s like to be an astronaut. Real NASA astronauts will take you on a guided tour of the ISS using informative videos and images. The game also features interactive experiences such as learning how a robot arm works and spacewalking outside the ISS space station to a nearby satellite.

Users have reported that this game can cause motion sickness, so keep that in mind if you are prone to it when using VR.

8 National Geographic Explore VR

Promotional art for National Geographic Explore VR

In National Geographic Explore VR, you play as a journalist hired to capture images for National Geographic magazine. Embrace your inner explorer as you travel to two very different places in this fully interactive experience.

In Antarctica, you’ll search for a lost colony of empire penguins while braving a snowstorm, kayaking around icebergs, and climbing an ice floe. At Machu Picchu, you’ll find digital reconstructions of an Inca citadel while learning about many sacred rituals performed by its lost inhabitants.

7 Large VR Paintings

Mona Lisa Painting from Large VR Paintings

As the famous American painter Edward Hopper once said, “If you could put it in words, there would be no reason to paint. Throughout history, people have expressed themselves by putting paint on canvas. Great Paintings VR brings you all of these amazing works of art in one easy-to-visit exhibit.

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There are over a thousand works of art by painters like Hieronymus Bosch and Leonardo da Vinci. The game provides the option to explore galleries or individually access the work of a particular artist, depending on the type of experience you are looking for. The game also has a beautiful and relaxing soundtrack to get you in the mood.

6 The Body VR: journey inside a cell

Inside the body blood circulation VR travel inside a cell

The Body VR is a non-interactive, professionally narrated experience that takes you inside the body of a human. You will travel from the heart through the bloodstream to various places in the body while learning how the cells in our body work. You will then travel inside a cell to learn about the different parts of its structure. Finally, you will see how the cells of our body fight the most common diseases that make us sick.

The Body VR interface and audio are available in six different languages.

5 Ocean Rift

Ocean Rift in-game screenshot

Ocean Rift is a water safari park with 12 different habitats to explore. These habitats include places like swamps, shipwrecks, coral reefs, and the lost city of Atlantis. Some of the wildlife you will see are sharks, rays, dolphins, sea lions, whales and dinosaurs.

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By activating the education mode, you will discover the inhabitants of the fauna using forty fully narrated points distributed in the habitats. The game features a state-of-the-art procedural animation system that provides realistic behavior for every animal in the game.

4 Battleship VR Yamato

Battleship Yamato from Battleship VR Yamato

The Japanese built the greatest battleship of all time in 1941 during World War II. However, American carrier planes sank the Yamato in 1945, causing it to be lost to future generations. In VR Battleship Yamato, you will experience this monstrous battleship in a full VR environment by becoming a virtual crew member. Help your teammates command the ship like they did in World War II.

The Yamato is fully explorable from the bridge to the ship’s galley, all created in incredibly precise detail. Another interesting experience is seeing and hearing the Yamato’s huge cannons firing.

3 Anne Frank House RV

Promotional art for Anne Frank House VR

During World War II, Anne Frank and her family, along with four other people, lived in a secret annex to escape Nazi persecution. Anne Frank House VR allows you to experience what it was like for them to live here from 1942 to 1944. You will be able to explore the different rooms of the Secret Annex while learning thoughts directly from Anne.

Not only will you learn about Anne Frank’s life while she lived in the Secret Annex, but you’ll also learn about the other seven inhabitants – their origins, Anne’s interactions with them, and what happened to them after they were discovered .

2 we are stars

Star of We Are Stars

NSC Creative is a studio of the National Space Centre, UK. They created We Are Stars with additional input from scientists, astrophysicists and planetary scientists. Have you ever wondered what the planetariums of the future will be like? We Are Stars gives you the answer.

Narrated by Andy Serkis, this 25-minute experience will take your breath away. Renowned New Zealand composer Rhian Sheehan has been hired to create the game’s score. In a 360-degree 4K experience, you’ll learn about the origins of our solar system and how our planet was created.

1 Space engine

View of Earth from SpaceEngine

SpaceEngine is a 1:1 scale universe simulator where you can explore everything in our solar system and beyond. The game has a spaceship that follows Newtonian physics allowing you to travel anywhere in the universe. Each planet has 3D procedurally generated terrain, which means nothing is off limits in this game. If you can see it, you can explore it in breathtaking detail.

A fun feature of the game is the ability to speed up time to experience how the cosmos behaves millions of years in the future. Additionally, SpaceEngine has an extremely active modding community that has recreated spacecraft from popular Sci-Fi franchises.

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