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BHS Summer School explores social solutions | Glacier Journalist


Browning High School’s 2022 summer school program has adopted a project-based approach to learning. The students examined the problems and – through primary and secondary research – determined a solution to the problems. The first week included the theme of drug addiction and alcoholism. Guest lecturers have come to the school to help students with their projects. Here are some examples of student work.

I grew up in Browning. I know the effects of alcohol because I lost my uncle, and if my other uncle doesn’t stop drinking, I will lose him too. He is better now because he has undergone treatment.

Hearing this lady today talk about alcohol made me realize how lucky I am not to have been brought up around alcohol.

My mom didn’t want my sister and I to live that kind of life. I’m not going to drink because someone wants to. There are many children at Browning who have had a difficult life because of their parents’ drinking. I have lost many people in my life to drugs and alcohol. I even lost my father.

Anyway, what I’m trying to say is that the booze and drugs are getting pretty bad here.

The way to sober living

Sobriety is not about using drugs and alcohol. If people are addicted to drugs and alcohol, other people can help you get sober. The best thing to do if you are addicted is to seek treatment.

In Montana, the best treatment center to go to is RimRock, located in Billings. The treatment you will receive is group and individual counselling, psychiatric services and many professional services. RimRock has 12 steps to help you live sober.

Patients are introduced to the first five stages of Alcoholics, Anorexics, and Gamblers Anonymous. When patients first enter treatment, they receive a bio-psycho-social assessment to personalize the patient’s plan. A good reason to seek treatment is that drugs and alcohol can kill you. It causes you to lose friends and family. Drugs make you a completely different person.

The students of Browning High School would like to thank the following people who have helped our learning by taking the time to come and talk to us. Theme – Substance Abuse/Suicide Prevention, TJ LaFromoise, Montana Zero Suicide; Diana Burd, mandatory treatment order; Kailie Dawn, Youth Alliance. Topic – Careers, Dr. Ernest “Jo” Gray, Indian Health Service; Blackfoot Tribe; Dana Pemberton; Derek Schuetz, hospitality and food for Pursuit Enterprises; Yeva Glacier National Ranger Park; Mary Grace Larson, Community Volunteer Ambassador, Glacier National Park; Traditional Blackfoot architecture, Lion bird. Theme Art – Oliva, CM Russell Museum.