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Canadian tech company is helping small businesses and professionals weather the pandemic



Jason Willows of Hospitality Inc. felt his business was “on the verge of collapse” because in a matter of weeks 50 events were canceled with 40 employees at stake. He knew he needed the best advice possible, but since his business had been running well for over 10 years, he had never had to call on any consultants or advisers.

“We operate with tight margins, but we had been profitable. I never thought in a million years that everything would literally end overnight, ”Willows shared. “I really felt the need to keep paying my staff and with salary and overhead costs rising the last thing I wanted to do was post a Facebook post saying ‘Jason needs referrals for an accountant. or a financial advisor “. Not only would this be totally confusing for my staff and my network, it could lead me down rabbit holes and end in a total waste of time and money. And I didn’t want to rely on a connection I met on vacation in 2001 for a lawyer referral. I also couldn’t meet anyone in person as the numbers (COVID) continued to rise, ”Willows said.

For many small and medium-sized businesses this year has been an uphill battle. From hospitality, retail and travel to sports and entertainment, businesses have had to shut down in droves as overhead costs continue to rise. Amidst this chaos, a Canadian tech company has been a saving grace.

“My best friend was delighted with this business, Vexxit , which puts you in touch with lawyers, financial advisers, accountants, consultants. And they’re all vetted, so there’s a level of trust right from the start. I went to their site and within minutes there was an immediate weight on my shoulders, ”Willows said.

With just a few clicks, Willows answered a series of simple questions and was matched with an accountant with over 30 years of expertise in managing numbers for thriving hotel businesses across the country. The Vexxit The platform has also used its advanced algorithm to ensure that the two match perfectly with other preferences such as location, communication styles and soft skills.

On the other hand, this hospitality guru, Terry Anderson, got the call from Willows at a perfect time.

“I’ve always relied on my ability to connect in person to grow my business. Probably too much. Once COVID hit and the in-person connection was cut, I realized I was only relying on word of mouth and my ability to sell myself when I saw opportunities, ”Anderson shared. “I had no idea how to sell myself from a distance. As COVID continued, the rest of the year was shaping up to be precarious. “

Vexxit has not only matched Anderson as an accountant and Willows as a client, but has also helped them in the overall growth of their business. When professionals are vetted and join Vexxit as members, the company helps them co-create content like podcasts, webinars, video content, and thought leadership articles. They then use their team of tech experts to get it to the right audience online.

“I have no experience in digital marketing, so it was obvious to me to join Vexxit. i can get potential customers and Does anyone else take care of the digital marketing of my services? I was like, absolutely I want to be a part of this, ”Anderson said.

Content created by experts like Anderson is available for free to those who need it.

“I didn’t even know that a specialized accountant was what I needed until this same friend told me about Vexxit company “Willows said.” I searched and found articles and webinars that helped me find my way around. This is where I decided that a specialized accountant was the best next step. requested correspondence and Terry’s expertise literally saved my business from bankruptcy.

“We love stories like this,” said Julie Rempel, vice president, Marketing and Partnerships. “We could never have predicted how critical the need to connect remotely would be when designing the business. We now hear countless stories of how Vexxit helps people on both sides of professional relations. It’s really touching to know that in these difficult times, we can make people’s lives easier.

This story was provided by Vexxit for commercial purposes.

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