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COLUMN: The theory of evolution does not answer all the questions | Columnists


By Reverend Mike Ruffin

Have you not read that he who made them in the beginning made them male and female. (Matthew 19:4)

Evolution has as much to do with religion as creationism. If a theory tries to explain that God had nothing to do with the creation of man, why can’t we teach the idea that he has everything to do with it? What are intellectuals so afraid of?

The irony of the evolution lie is that it has nothing to do with science. Science deals with theories that can be tested and observed. Evolution is a theory that cannot be tested and proven. Their “science” will never answer why meteorites are never found in supposedly ancient rocks, or why Earth’s fossil record does not contain billions of finds instead of a handful. They teach that the solar system evolved, but they cannot explain why three of its planets spin backwards and at least six of its moons spin in a different direction.

The Bible says the earth is not billions of years old and did not form by chance or accident. Instead, the Bible teaches that God created the universe about 6,000 years ago from nothing in six literal twenty-four-hour days. Then, about 4,400 years ago, the earth was destroyed by a worldwide flood. This devastating year-long flood was responsible for depositing layers of sediment (Genesis 8:3-5). As the mountains rose and the ocean basins sank after the flood (Psalm 104:5-8, Genesis 8:1), the waters rushed from the rising mountains into the new ocean basins. This rapid erosion through still soft, unprotected sediment formed the topography we still see today in places like the Grand Canyon.

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Evolutionists scoff at Christians who claim the earth is only 6,000 years old. But they can’t explain why there isn’t enough mud on the seabed to support their claim that Earth took three billion years to get where it is. The average depth of deposits on the seafloor supports the idea that the earth is only a few thousand years old.

Did you know that the oldest living tree in the world is only around 4,300 years old and the oldest living coral reef is less than 4,200 years old? And why do ice cores at the South Pole and Greenland have a maximum depth of only 10,000 to 14,000 feet? The discovery of a plane that crashed in Greenland in 1942 helped provide the answer. It was found in 1990 under 263 feet of ice after only 48 years. In other words, all this ice could have accumulated in 4,400 years.

A friend brought me a copy of a letter he received from CS Lewis in 1966. He had asked Lewis to help him understand how evolution could happen in a world where there was no no sin. Lewis, you see, had recognized in an earlier book, Miracles, that “human death, according to Christians, is the result of human sin; man, as he was originally created, was immune to it”.

My friend wrote to Lewis: “Until I read your book, Miracles, I had never had any difficulty in accepting the scientific theory of evolution as God’s method of creation. It suddenly occurred to me for the first time that I saw no possible way to reconcile evolution with this statement. Hasn’t death always been present in the evolutionary scheme of things?

Lewis actually replied to my friend. He was surprised at what he said:

“Yes, I think death has always been part of the evolutionary scheme. But I don’t think man was a full part of it. I think as an anthropoid organism (that had evolved), the gift of the rational soul descended from God and became human The story is not evolution but evolution plus something else.

I don’t have to read Genesis three or four times to understand what God is saying. Isn’t it amazing how God, who is infinitely more brilliant than CS Lewis could ever have hoped to be, chooses to offer a simple and understandable explanation? I guess that’s why his book continues to sell more than all the books that CS Lewis has sold.

All you really need to know is one of God’s basic rules of biblical mathematics when it comes to understanding His Word: don’t add to it or subtract from it. Just rightly divide it and trust it with the answer.