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Discourse and debate on glaciers win ‘savage’ victory


In a victory described by Glacier High School head coach Greg Adkins as one of the craziest finishes in a speech and debate tournament, the Wolfpack squeaked by Flathead High School by a half -point this weekend.

Glacier scored 141 points overall versus 140.5 points for Flathead in the two-day tournament in Great Falls. All 16 Montana Class AA teams competed.

“I told the team to never take winning AA tournaments for granted. It was just wild. We’re very lucky to have taken the lead this weekend, ”said Adkins.

The shocking upheaval didn’t end there, said Flathead head coach Shannon O’Donnell, Billings West beating Bozeman with his dominant debate performance to secure third place. Billings West scored 140 points overall and Bozeman, 131.

“As the state tournament draws closer and Team Flathead continues to close the gap between the top teams, it’s clear this year’s season will have an exciting ending. It’s anyone’s game this time around, ”said Flathead head coach Shannon O’Donnell.

Glacier, who remains undefeated, had five individual champions – Mac Adkins in Original Oratory; Lane McKoy in the informative speech; Alexa Wilton in the oral interpretation program; and Alexandra Houseworth and Mason Fauth in the university policy debate.

The four individual Flathead Champions included Bauer Hollman in the humorous interpretation; Annelise Mason in the legislative debate; Brooklyn Stewart in the memorized public speech; and Scout McMahon in Extemporaneous Speaking.

During the next tournaments, Glacier will host the first “Yeti Invitational” from January 7 to 8. The school is looking for volunteer judges. Those interested in judging can register at https://www.kalispellspeechdebate.org.

Here are the individual results of the Great Falls tournament.

University policy debate

  1. Mason Fauth and Alexandra Houseworth, Glacier
  2. Evan Sevaly and Jillian Wynne, Flathead

Novices’ political debate

  1. Ben Adjemovic and Vincent Lam, Flat Head

Lincoln-Douglas academic debate

  1. Miles Sneeden, Glacier

Lincoln-Douglas Novice Debate

  1. Gaby Allred, Glacier
  2. Kevin Fortin, Ice Cream Shop

Legislative debate

  1. Annelise Mason, Flat Head
  2. Emily Hove, Flat Head
  3. Calvin Schmidt, Ice Cream Shop

Impromptu speaking

  1. Scout McMahon, flathead
  2. Olivia Baker, Ice Cream Shop
  3. Neila Lyngholm, Flat Head
  4. Leah Spangler, flat head
  5. Harrison Sanders, Ice Cream Shop

Improvised speaking

  1. Scout McMahon, flathead
  2. Leah Spangler, flat head
  3. Lamb Caleb, Glacier

Oral Interpretation Program

  1. Alexa Wilton, Glacier
  2. Zéphy Hanson, Glacier

Duo interpretation

  1. Avram Bingham and Kaelin Holt, Glacier
  2. James Francis and Kadence Johnson, Flat Head
  3. Evan Schow and Tag Schow, flat head
  4. Aiden Christy and Sophia Dykhuizen, Flat Head
  5. Quindy Gronley and Claire Schwaller, Glacier

Humorous interpretation

  1. Bauer Hollman, Flat Head
  2. Jasmine Anderson, flathead
  3. Meyer Fauth, Glacier
  4. Davis Rennie, Glacier
  5. Aiden Christy, flat head

Dramatic interpretation

  1. Ryan Tiet, flat head
  2. Bethany Nairn, Flat Head

Original oratory

  1. Mac Adkins, Ice Cream Shop
  2. Bella AuClaire, Glacier
  3. Braelynn Anderson, Flat Head

Talk informative

  1. Lane McKoy, Glacier
  2. Hailey Hendrickson, Flat Head
  3. Mason Hermann, flat head

Stored public address

  1. Brooklyn Stewart, Flat Head
  2. Avram Bingham, Glacier
  3. Janasya Amaker, Glacier
  4. Alexa Wilton, Glacier

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