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Ex-dividend reminder: Blackrock, Glacier Bancorp and Berkley


THElooking at the universe of stocks we cover at Dividend channelon 6/12/21, Blackrock Inc (Ticker: BLK), Glacier Bancorp, Inc. (Ticker: GBCI) and Berkley Corp (Ticker: WRB) will all trade ex-dividend for their respective next dividends. Blackrock Inc. will pay its quarterly dividend of $ 4.13 on 12/23/21, Glacier Bancorp, Inc. will pay its quarterly dividend of $ 0.32 on 12/16/21 and Berkley Corp will pay its quarterly dividend of 0.13 $ on 12/22/2. 21. As a percentage of the recent BLK stock price of $ 906.02 this dividend is around 0.46%, so look for Blackrock Inc stocks that are trading 0.46% lower – all things being. otherwise equal – when BLK shares are open for trading on 12/6/21. . Likewise, investors should look for a 0.59% lower open price for the GBCI and a 0.17% lower open price for the WRB, all other things being equal.

Below are the dividend history charts for BLK, GBCI and WRB, showing historical dividends before the most recent declared.

Blackrock Inc (symbol: BLK):

Glacier Bancorp, Inc. (Symbol: GBCI):

GBCI + Dividend + History + Graph

Berkley Corp (symbol: WRB):

WRB + Dividend + History + Graph

In general, dividends are not always predictable, following the ups and downs in corporate profits over time. Therefore, a good first step in due diligence in forming an annual performance expectation in the future is to review the above history, for a sense of stability over time. This can help judge whether the most recent dividends from these companies are likely to continue. If continued, the current estimated returns on an annualized basis would be 1.82% for Blackrock Inc, 2.35% for Glacier Bancorp, Inc. and 0.68% for Berkley Corp.

In Thursday’s trading, Blackrock Inc shares are currently up around 0.6%, Glacier Bancorp, Inc. shares are up around 0.8% and Berkley Corp shares are up around. 1.1% on the day.

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