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Ex-Limerick-based journalist sets sail to explore the North Pole


Some would like to see current Limerick Leader reporters go to the North Pole, but he’s a veteran packing his bags for the Arctic.

World-renowned explorer Jim McNeill chose Anthony Galvin to take part in one of the most important and ambitious polar expeditions of our time – to be the first to reach the North Pole of inaccessibility. Vital climate change data will be collected along the way.

Mr Galvin, 56, is a popular Cork-based children’s entertainer known throughout the county as Tony Baloney.

a former reporter for the Limerick Leader and the Limerick Post, he wrote several books, including Family Feud, about Limerick’s gang wars.

Defined as the furthest point from land on the Arctic Ocean, Mr Galvin says the North Pole of Inaccessibility remains the last truly significant place in the Polar Regions yet to be reached by humanity.

See ice-warrior.com for more information.

“It is more than 270 miles further than the geographic North Pole. The entire trip will be nearly 1,300 kilometers off the northern coast of Canada,” Anthony said.

The expedition is not just a record-breaking adventure, as crucial data on the state of the ocean will be collected for the NASA-funded National Snow and Ice Data Center (NSIDC). Meteorological data, pollution measurements and the number of polar bears likely to be encountered will be collected.

After being selected for the Ice Warrior #LASTPOLE Expedition, Mr. Galvin is undergoing an intensive training program to undertake one of four 20-day legs, pushing the route across the Arctic Ocean.

“Since my teenage years, I have had an obsession with the Arctic, I read everything that comes to hand and I even write myself a book on the search for the pole. It’s so exciting to finally arrive on the frozen polar sea and experience it firsthand. And the scientific aspect of the trip is a plus.

Mr. McNeill is looking for more motivated people who want to go way beyond their comfort zone.