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Fact check: Earth is stationary and flat.


The Earth revolves around the sun, and rotates on its axis. Notions that the Earth is flat are conspiracies already debunked by scientists.

The context:

Several conspiracy theorists argue that the Earth is not round and that such an inference is only part of a larger cover-up. Social media platforms are full of posts and videos that claim the existence of gravity is questionable, space is fake, and Earth is a stationary object. One of these videos posted on Facebook claims that the “Earth is still” and that it is a flat surface. He states that “people actually think they live in a spinning golf course, and that’s a false ideology”. Moreover, the video even claims that Venus and Mars are self-luminous stars. These allegations are baseless.

In reality:

NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) notes that the Earth rotates on its own relative axis every 24 hours with an inclination of 23.45 degrees relative to the plane of its orbit around the Sun. The Earth revolves around the Sun and generally takes around 365 days to complete one revolution. This complete cycle of the earth around the sun is considered an earth year. This proves that the earth is not still.

An article published in Forbes magazine written by Ethan Siegel, an American astrophysicist and science writer, categorically states that Earth is not a stationary place. One cannot feel its motion because force can only be felt when two objects are in relative motion to each other. When the Earth revolves around the Sun, there is no force sensor that one can apply to detect or feel the movement. There is no effect on our body; therefore, one cannot feel the rotation of the Earth. A Night Sky Network document sponsored by NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) to educate the public also notes that due to Earth’s nearly constant speed, we spin with it without feeling the actual motion.

The flat Earth conspiracy theory has been debunked time and time again by scientists and astronomers. The Earth is not flat and it is almost spherical. One of the most popular flat Earth hypotheses says that the Earth has a disc surrounded by a wall of ice, with the North Pole at the very center of the planet. The theory goes that Antarctica’s ice wall is the center of the Earth, and that NASA and the UN patrol it to keep people from getting too close. Logically also previously debunked these false claims and others noting that the real Earth is slightly wider around the equator than around the poles.

The argument in the Facebook video also claims that the planets Venus and Mars are self-luminous stars, which is without merit. None of the planets in the solar system are self-luminous; their brightness depends entirely on the sunlight hitting their surface and their distance from the sun. An article from Space.com, a space and astronomy news site, notes that “a planet’s overall brightness is also affected by its distance from the sun, which determines the intensity of the light solar illuminating its surface”, a notion on which scientists unanimously agree.

The verdict:

None of the claims made in the video are backed up by science and are only part of conspiracy theories that have been debunked by several scientists, astrophysicists and space enthusiasts. Therefore, we have marked this claim as false.