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From Iceland – “The Ice Church” appears off the northeast coast of Iceland


Posted October 7, 2021

photo by

Rif field station

The Rif field station yesterday morning posted superb photos of an iceberg on its Facebook page. The accompanying photos bear the caption: “What a sight today: the ice church”.

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The iceberg in question is located off the coast of Hraunhafnartangi, in northeast Iceland.

There were two reports of icebergs last week. One of them is stuck to the bottom of the sea, but the other is quite large and floats freely.

Icebergs are not common in Iceland. When they appear, they are usually spotted in the northwest, usually after breaking away from Greenland and traveling to Iceland by sea currents.

For this reason, iceberg activity is regularly monitored for the safety of shipping and fishing routes that may cross them.

See the full gallery below, or here.