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Glacier National Park Announces Upcoming Artists in Residence


Glacier National Park has announced its artists in residence for the summer of 2022 and 2023.

A total of three different artists will take part in the program this summer, and three more in the summer of 2023. The first two are Ilana Goldman and Gabriel Williams. Goldman and Williams will begin their residency in early June. The two are described in a park press release as dancers, choreographers, educators and filmmakers “who create short dance films in spectacular natural settings.”

Their work focuses on the human relationship with nature and how it influences identity. Goldman and Williams have created three short films that have screened at 30 international festivals and cinemas, and they plan to create a short dance film in Glacier National Park that will investigate human impacts on nature. “They will specifically address the plastic waste crisis, with Goldman wearing a suit made from plastic waste it generated over a four-month period,” according to a park press release. Their residency is due to end on July 1.

Starting July 5, portraitist and documentary photographer Rosalyn Gerstein will begin her residency. Gerstein’s work aims to document the relationship between people and the environment, and exhibits of his work include quotes from subject interviews, according to a park press release. During her residency, she plans to represent park stewards “who have dedicated their lives to preserving these public lands for future generations and exploring their motivation to continue this meaningful work.”

In addition to working as an artist, Gerstein has also taught art and creative expression to students ages 4 to 94, according to the press release.

Starting in June 2023, knitter and textile artist Virginia Catherall will begin her tenure as artist-in-residence. Catherall’s work is inspired by western landscapes, and she uses knitting to interpret the history, science, geography and biology of an ecosystem, according to a park press release. “Whether it’s color, texture or shape, the uniqueness of each piece makes the viewer or wearer more aware of what the objects are and why they are wearing them,” the press release reads.

In July 2023, photographer Ben Rusnak and Susan Bryant will begin their residency. Bryant rebounded from both breast cancer and traumatic brain injury. Rusnak has documented his experiences, and during their residency at Glacier, the two will collaborate with images of Rusnak and haikus by Bryant that “will encompass visitors healing from their own traumas,” a press release reads. “Their mission is to help visitors discover the transformative power of nature not only for self-preservation, but also for our national parks.”

Artists in residence will participate in public outreach programs. In the past, the programming of artist residencies took the form of demonstrations, conferences, exploratory walks or performances. Since 2006, Glacier National Park has hosted 36 different artists in residence.