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How to Destroy Icebergs Easily in Dread Hunger


In order to escape the harsh Arctic environment in Dread Hunger, an iceberg will need to be destroyed in order for the ship to reach open water.

From the start of each game in The terrible hunger, explorers are tasked with moving their ship to the other side of the map and reaching open water by destroying the large iceberg blocking the exit. The Iceberg can be destroyed with Nitroglycerin, but it’s hard to get and even harder to deliver. In order to win in Team Explorer, players will need to work together to deliver the explosives safely while battling various groups of enemies, such as cannibals in The terrible hunger.

Before the explorers can hope to destroy the iceberg and escape the Arctic, they will have to move the ship forward. The only way forward is to continually fill the boiler with coal. Each player, whether an Explorer or a Thrall, starts the match with a Coal, then that resource must be looted from various containers around the map. When there is fuel in the boiler, a player can steer the ship towards the iceberg. As the ship moves, the bar at the top indicates how close the ship is to reaching the other end of the map.

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Carrying nitroglycerin to an iceberg is arguably the most difficult task to complete in order to survive in The terrible hunger, and that will require more than one explorer. When the Nitroglycerin Crate is picked up, it will take up an inventory slot and add a lot of weight to the player carrying it. Nitroglycerin has a health meter that depletes whenever the player carrying it sprints or when it is on the ground and the crate takes damage. When the health meter is depleted, the Nitroglycerin will emit a hiss signal signaling that it is about to explode.

Tips to Get Nitroglycerin and Destroy an Iceberg in Scary Hunger

How to Destroy Icebergs Easily in Dread Hunger Wearing Nitro

Once the explorers have reached their final obstacle, they will need to collect the Nitroglycerin from the old Expedition Camp. The camp can be reached by following the path up the side of the mountain, but conditions are harsh and there will be several enemies to fight, including packs of wolves, polar bears, and any groups of cannibals called in by the Thralls . After reaching camp, the crew will need to have one person dedicated to delivering the explosives while the others protect them.

As a carrier, the easiest way to The terrible hunger bringing nitroglycerin to the iceberg means running until enemies are spotted, then staying out of the fight until it’s safe to sprint again. Players also have the option to drop Nitroglycerin and join the fight, but it’s not recommended. Dropping the crate will make it vulnerable, and any Thralls in the party can easily set it off, potentially killing multiple explorers. As a Protection Team player, taking out enemies that target the Nitroglycerin Carrier is top priority. Slaves can send cannibals after whoever is carrying the explosives, so any explorer protecting them must stand in the way of enemies and eliminate them before they can reach their target.

Since The terrible hunger is primarily a game of social deduction, it can be difficult to determine who to trust when transporting nitroglycerin. Letting a Thrall pick up the explosives can lead to a catastrophic end for the explorers, but it’s just as dangerous to have one of these impostors on the protection team. Given that the iceberg is at the end of the game, Thralls will likely do whatever it takes to kill the explorers rather than play it safe to conceal their identities. As the match draws to a close, players must carefully determine who will carry the Nitroglycerin and who will help deliver it.

As a last resort, players can ram the iceberg with the ship, but whether or not it breaks depends on how hard it is hit and its health. At full health, the iceberg will need to be rammed several times, but this can quickly create too many holes in the ship that will need to be repaired quickly to avoid sinking. Gunpowder also does minimal damage to the iceberg. Although there are other methods, the most reliable way to destroy the iceberg by The terrible hunger is to carry a crate of nitroglycerin and blow it up.

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The terrible hunger is available for PC.

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