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Kennedy: Marketing the moon will open up opportunities | Chroniclers


What careers will be needed among those who will be among the first lunar villagers? Almost all careers will be needed by 2040. Many careers will be in high demand, resulting in high profit potential in the short term.

Human life needs food for health and energy. Food requires the need for doctors to measure human health, nutritionists and farmers to cultivate quality food growth, soil preservers and moon miners to extract ice from mineral water and turn it into hydrogen , oxygen and water to survive, without these essential resources carried from Earth.

3D printed housing will be needed on the lunar surface, creating the need for architects, structural and electrical engineers, and builders. These specialists are needed to create the lunar concrete with strength to protect humans from solar and cosmic radiation and the impact of micrometeorites. The Moon Base Village will require autonomous robots and human engineers able to operate, as well as robot maintenance and repair, as demand compromises usability. Lunar habitat interior designers will be needed to make lunar life more livable over time.

Electrical and nuclear engineers will be essential to sustain the high energy demand generated by solar panels and plutonium, or future fusion reactors, to support lunar research habitats and laboratories.

Yes, there will be a need for unique tailors, fashion designers and material scientists – purveyors – to create designer clothes that are more flexible, wearable and comfortable for those crossing the surface of the moon, or just on the go. interior of the lunar village.