Klash! Art in action is a series of twenty films that reveals the secret history of artistic acts that are both radical and decisive, and which interact with current societal issues. Revealing another History of Art, the collection of three-minute short films offers viewers the opportunity to discover contemporary art in a new light.

Ai Weiwei’s finger photographed in front of famous monuments around the world, The Melted Icebergs by Olafur Eliasson in front of the Pantheon on the sidelines of COP21, the filming of Niki de Saint Phalle who denounced the taboos of our society, The sold snowballs of David Hammons on a New York sidewalk or the Cyclops that Jean Tinguely smuggled into the forest… And if art invited itself into the street, far from galleries and museums, to shed light on the major issues and the lines of tension in our society and shake up consciences?

This documentary series presents around twenty contemporary, unusual, impertinent, even subversive and resolutely political works, from the 1960s to the present day and from all continents. Another side of the History of Art is revealed, more clandestine, seen from the side of the action and under the sign of the radical irruption. “Often accomplished spontaneously, these acts have strongly influenced the art world. I wanted to tell, in a precise way, these short mythologies, which, although decisive, remain unknown in their details”, summarizes Frank Perrin, the designer of the series. Thus, the Iron Curtain, built in 1962 by Christo and Jeanne-Claude with barrels of oil, rue Visconti in Paris Many people only know the postcard, but who knows that this work responds to the Berlin Wall and that it anticipates the riots of Paris in 1968?

Like an investigation and relying solely on archives (photographs, films, sound testimonies, etc.), Klash! summons a wealth of additional clues and evidence to piece together the ephemeral and mythical works explored. The graphic identity of the series, dynamic and urban, draws its aesthetic inspiration as much from “poster designers-decolagistes”, such as Raymond Hains and Jacques Villeglé, as from today’s Street Art. Each episode unfolds the story of an artistic act and unfolds its multiple dimensions, from intention to result, from gesture to its consequences, always in resonance with the most current societal concerns such as the questioning of authority. , criticism of capitalism, feminism, protection of the environment. crisis. Contextualized in its time, Art In Action becomes accessible and manifest. “With exemplary freedom, these artists act like thugs, analyzes producer Gilles Coudert, and at the same time, they point the finger at essential things.” “The idea is that these lozenges act as awareness-raisers by reaching a wide audience.” adds François Combin, co-producer of the series.

An exciting “art collection” in the public space, rewarded in 2021 by the prize for the best French documentary project at Fipadoc, in partnership with the National Center for Plastic Arts (CNAP), with the support of the National Center for Cinema and of the animated image (CNC) and the participation of the Center Pompidou.

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I am innocent, 2012, by Adel Abdessemed

When faith moves mountains 2002, by Francis Alys

VB 48, 2001, by Vanessa Beecroft

I became a secret hippie1971, by Chris Burden

The iron Curtain1962, by Christo and Jeanne-Claude

Wheat field, 1982, by Ágnes Dénes

Shots1961, by Niki de Saint Phalle

Xitle and Spirit2007, by Jimmie Durham

Ice monitoring2015, by Olafur Eliasson

Action Pants: Genital Panics1969, by VALIE EXPORT

Earth2013, by Regina Jose Galindo

Sale of Bliza-aard balls1983, by David Hammons

Faust, 2017, by Anne Imhof

needlewoman1999-2009, from Kimsooja

For the forest2019, by Klaus Littmann

Damn artist, 1961, by Piero Manzoni

Roland Garros2004, by Gianni Motti

The Artist’s Kiss1977, from ORLAN

The Cyclops, 1969-1994, by Jean Tinguely

Perspective study, 1995-2015, by Ai Weiwei