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Missing the Mark on Glacier Park and State Parks


State Representative Matt Reiger, R-Kalispell, who happens to be my neighbor, recently wrote a letter to every newspaper in Montana lamenting the new ticketed entry system to Glacier National Park. In that same letter, he also said: “Try today to get a campsite in one of our state parks and you will be frustrated.” I would respectfully remind Rep Regier that access to Glacier Park has not changed if you are willing to wake up a little earlier and get there before 6 a.m.

I would also like to remind Representative Regier that as the elected representative of the state, he is directly responsible for the funding and management of our national parks, which have set new attendance records every year for over a decade. Representative Regier and his fellow parliamentarians even thought it wise to cut our state parks division’s core budget by half a million dollars this session.

Maybe it’s time for the state of Montana to stop spending $ 10 million every budget cycle on out-of-state advertising to get more people to our state parks. Maybe it’s time to keep those funds in Montana by investing in our state parks and public access sites.

I look forward to the good work of Representative Regier and his colleagues in the next legislative session to address his concerns.

Will Hammerquist, owner
Polebridge Mercantile & Bakery