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Mountaineers visit 20,000-year-old cast-iron glaciers in southeast Turkey



A total of 30 climbers climbed the Cilo and Sat mountains in the southeastern province of Hakkari to admire the natural beauty of glaciers that are 20,000 years old but are unfortunately melting due to global warming.

“Even if these glaciers, which are 20,000 years old, melt, we still have the largest glaciers in the country and have a beauty like the Alps,” Naci Ertunç, provincial head of the Turkish Mountaineering Federation, told the Demirören news agency.

Mountaineers gathered from Istanbul, the capital Ankara, the western province of Izmir and the southern province of Antalya to visit the melting glaciers in Hakkari on June 24.

Traveling 4 km long glaciers, climbers have drawn attention to the effects of global warming.

“It is alarming that this natural beauty is melting away,” said one of the climbers.

Locals also want the region to become a tourism hub.

“We want everyone to see these glaciers. Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, we were unable to organize any events last year, ”Ertunç said.

“Now we are organizing events to welcome many people from different parts of the country. We aim to welcome nature lovers here in the mountains, ”he added.

Ömer Faruk Gülşen, a climber who took part in the trip, said he was amazed by the beauty of the glaciers.

“Everyone should come and see this protected site of Mount Cilo,” he noted, stressing that it was everyone’s duty to protect the glaciers.

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