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New and Improved Glacier Glove Bristol Bay Waterproof Glove


Reno, NV – Glacier Glove released their upgraded version of the Bristol Bay Dry Glove in early October 2022. Available now, the Bristol Bay has been redesigned to be more simplistic yet highly effective. Featuring 2mm fleece-lined neoprene and a sharkskin texture on the palm for grip, this glove is designed for the avid sportsman. Touchrite technology on the index finger makes casting and shooting easier while the waterproof neoprene keeps the user warm and dry. Retailing for $42.99, this glove is one of the most affordable waterproof gloves on the market.

“When designing this glove, we listened to our customers asking for a simple yet effective waterproof glove,” commented Katie Sanders of Glacier Glove. “With our customer’s requests in mind and with the help of our in-house design team, we were able to build a great all-around glove.”

The redesigned Bristol Bay has been tested and trusted by some of the best anglers, paddlers and hunters in the industry. This glove is now a must for any athlete wishing to stay warm and dry.

The Glacier Glove legacy began in 1982, focused on developing the best fishing gloves in the world. Glacier quickly expanded into producing high quality hunting gloves and hand and head sun protection gear. Glacier Glove cold weather products use windproof fleece and neoprene to perform in cold, wet or windy conditions. Glacier sunscreen products are designed and tested to guarantee a UPF 50+ rating. Every Glacier Glove product is designed for quality, functional dexterity and comfort. Outdoor enthusiasts around the world have chosen Glacier Glove products.


Based in Reno, NV, Glacier Glove uses quality fabrics and designs to provide warmth, dexterity and protection to make the outdoor experience more comfortable for anglers, hunters, paddlers, cyclists, climbers on ice, hikers and other outdoor adventurers. Glacier Glove also produces hats, sun shades and other sun protection products to help customers extend their outdoor experiences. Learn more about Glacier Glove at www.glacierglove.com.