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Prime Day: Grab the perfect multiplayer game for just $20 (50% off)


This story is part Amazon Prime DayCNET’s guide to everything you need to know and how to find the best deals.

If you are looking for video game deals, this First day, I beg you to check out Overcooked All You Can Eat. You can get it for $20 today at most retailers, and even less at some. It’s my favorite thing I’ve seen of all the Prime Day Dealsand a particularly interesting option if you are looking for Prime Day deals aren’t on Amazon. I play a lot of multiplayer games – some of them are more competitive (Valorant, Surveillance), while others are more casual (Mario Party, Final Fantasy XIV), but this one is above the others.

Overcooked All You Can Eat contains the first two Overcooked games, all DLC maps, and brand new content. The $40 base price is pretty good value, but $20 for the PS5 version is an absolute steal (the Xbox Series X version below is just $15 at Amazon, though stock is low ). The game has over 200 levels to play and over 80 characters to choose from. Want to play as a cat boss? You can. Someone with glasses? Easy. A raccoon in a wheelchair? Absolutely.

If you don’t like multiplayer games, you can still play Overcooked solo, but the game really shines when playing with another person or three. The core gameplay is all about gathering ingredients and cooking quickly to deliver meals to hungry customers. As fast as you can prepare meals, more orders come in, so you have to juggle multiple tasks at once. Oh, and the kitchens where you prepare these dishes? They can be in a spooky dungeon, spread across fast-moving icebergs, or in an enclosed space station.

Overcooked plays at a breakneck pace, but it also produces a real sense of accomplishment each time you find a working system and manage to beat the next kitchen. It mixes the mental stimulation of puzzle games with the fast pace of action games to create a feel unlike any other game I’ve played.

Overcooked is frantic work, but it’s the perfect multiplayer game because it requires excellent communication and coordination. In fact, I honestly think playing Overcooked made me better at other multiplayer games because I learned to communicate better and manage tasks just by running around kitchens yelling, “Cut some tomatoes! I have the next delivery!” while my girlfriend walks through a gate to grab the pizza dough.

Whether you need a good board game or just some couch co-op, Overcooked is worth your money.