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Queen Elizabeth II to attend COP26 climate change conference in Glasgow


Climate change is a subject regularly debated in various international forums. COP26 is one of these platforms. Glasgow is the host and it would be held in November. Queen Elizabeth II would honor the occasion. The United Nations confirms this. However, details of his role in the conference remain under wraps. Delegates from all over the world will attend. They would include politicians, activists and activists. The subject is growing in importance because of the ravages of nature that wreak havoc all around us. Forest fires and floods are increasingly frequent, causing loss of life and property.

Sea level continues to rise due to melting glaciers and icebergs and displaces populations from coastal areas. These translate into humanitarian problems.

Sky News says COP26 would be an opportunity to develop an appropriate strategy to save the world. The devastating forest fires in Europe and North America are indicators of future scenarios unless the problem is brought under control. A November 2018 report warns that the United States could face serious problems due to climate change.

Climate change summit postponed due to coronavirus

The COP26 climate change summit, originally scheduled for 2020, has been rescheduled due to the coronavirus. Prime Minister Boris Johnson, host of the summit, hopes to reach an agreement.

The aim would be to reduce emissions and limit the level of global warming to an acceptable value. To do this, the world must unite to limit the production of greenhouse gases. One option is to get rid of fossil fuels and move to Renewable energy. Sky News mentions that the Prime Minister called for action after the publication of the latest IPCC report.

He doesn’t mince words when he says, “We know what needs to be done to limit global warming – make coal a matter of history and switch to clean energy sources.” Some countries are already promoting electric vehicles widely. The 2015 Paris agreement on climate change set a target, but situations are changing too quickly. In fact, the latest UN report warns the world could exceed the target within a decade.

The United Nations Climate Change Summit has appointed Sir David Attenborough People’s Advocate.

United Nations Climate Change Conference in Glasgow

Britain will host world leaders in Glasgow, the Scottish city, from October 31 to November 12, according to CNN. Queen Elizabeth II will attend the climate change conference. This would give royal impetus to the event. The talks follow the G20 meeting in Rome. Incidentally, the Queen attended the G7 talks in Cornwall earlier this year, where the topic of climate change was brought up. The British government organized the talks. He insisted that COP26 will continue despite the challenges related to To travel because of the coronavirus.

In fact, it could turn out to be one of the biggest international face-to-face events since the start of the pandemic. The world needs to understand that climate change, if left unchecked, could lead to irreversible ecological ruin.

Recent events of climate change in the northern hemisphere

CNN adds that the world has witnessed extreme weather events in the northern hemisphere. These included heat waves and forest fires in not only parts of North America, but also southern Europe and North Africa. Then there were floods in China and Western Europe. Obviously, the situation requires positive action. Perhaps the focus would be on the end date for coal use. Former US President Donald Trump did not sign the 2015 Paris Agreement on climate change but Joe Biden rectified it when he took the reins. He wants electric vehicles to replace the existing fleet of government-owned vehicles.