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Rebuild the Titanic as LEGO reveals a massive 9,000-piece building set



LEGO has unveiled their biggest building set they have ever made with the new 1: 200 scale model kit of the iconic Titanic. This massive set includes 9,090 pieces, three buildable connection sections, and is 53 inches long. The scan liner is loaded with authentic details ranging from 300 portholes to iconic brides, lifeboats, cargo crane and more. The details don’t end with the exterior of the Titanic, as the interior is filled with the grand staircase, cabins, workroom, and even moving parts like the engine and anchor. History fans will be able to faithfully recreate this iconic ship and have fun building it. The Titanic set is priced at $ 600; it will be a Store exclusive that can be seen here even though pre-orders aren’t live. Check out all the details and photos of this iconic 1912 ship below and beware of icebergs.

“Ever since the Titanic embarked on her fateful maiden voyage in 1912, the famous ship has captured the imagination of the world. Now you can pay homage to her with this colossal LEGO® Titanic (10294) collectible model building project. This 1: 200 scale model is designed in 3 sections, faithfully recreating the characteristics of the Titanic. The cross section reveals interior details like the first-class dining room, the grand staircase, one of the boiler rooms and numerous guest cabins. different classes of passengers. Bring the history of the Titanic to life by recreating details such as ship’s deck, promenade deck, reading lounge, swimming pool and many more. This model is one of the The largest LEGO models ever made, over 135cm in length. And with over 9,000 pieces, it offers many hours of building fun resulting in a gorgeous piece to display with pride. “

  • Faithfully recreate the historical details of the Titanic in this 1: 200 scale model ship. Authentic details include over 300 portholes, the iconic bridge, lifeboats, benches, a loading crane and more.
  • The ship is divided into 3 sections, giving a detailed view of the interior. Assemble and admire the grand staircase, cabins, dining room, smoking room, reading room and swimming pool.
  • Build and explore the realistic features of a working ship. Turn the propellers to see the piston engines spinning inside. Raise and lower the anchor and adjust the tension line passing between the masts.
  • This colossal Titanic ship model is a historic collectible display piece and comes with a display stand to support each section. Add the nameplate to the arch for the perfect finishing touch.
  • One of the tallest and longest LEGO® models ever, measuring over 135cm long, 44cm high and 16cm wide.
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