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Ricketts promotes exercise program for 2022 launch | Health and fitness


A recent study found that the way we spell out New Year’s resolutions plays a huge role in whether we stick to them or not. Researchers followed 1,066 people who made resolutions at the end of 2017. It was found that people were 12% more likely to stick to their resolutions if they avoided making wishes such as “I will stop … ”. Instead, people should start their resolutions with “I’ll start …”. Only 47% of people who said they would stop or avoid something were successful at the end of the year. However, 59% of people who had an “attainable goal” were able to stick to their resolution.

Governor Pete Ricketts kicked off the New Year on Monday with a walk around the Nebraska Capitol to promote the benefits of exercise.

Ricketts and others used the event to encourage Nebraska residents to join the WellPower Movement, a free program run by the nonprofit Nebraska Sports Council. The program offers an activity tracker, group challenges, and other features to help people exercise.

Chief medical officer Dr Gary Anthone said about a third of Nebraska’s adult population is considered overweight, a 7% increase over the past seven years. He said only 15 other states have higher obesity rates and obesity is a risk factor for showing more severe coronavirus symptoms and ending up in hospital.

Dave Mlnarik, executive director of the Nebraska Sports Council, said the program will offer virtual badges this year for fitness challenges.

Nebraska First Lady Susanne Shore said the program has helped her stay active. Ricketts said he regularly rode a stationary bike and had done about 5,000 miles and 17,000 active minutes last year.

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