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Sailing solo? Save big with Hurtigruten Expeditions


While traveling with your family, significant other, or friends is always a magical experience, sometimes it just doesn’t work that way.

Maybe your dream travel destinations don’t match those of your loved ones, maybe your schedules conflict, maybe you want your moment of solo exploration. Whatever the reason, setting off across the world with nothing but yourself and a suitcase is never a bad decision and Hurtigruten Expeditions celebrates the lone traveler.

Hurtigruten has waived its one-time surcharge on select departures across Antarctica, Norway, Svalbard and more, meaning you live your dreams solo without paying the price.

Solo cruising has always been a sticking point with prices designed for two people, but if you’ve been looking for a short boat trip, now you can do it without worrying about finding a fellow traveler.

The savings are huge, on an 18-day expedition to Antarctica and Patagonia prices have dropped from $20,331 to $14,255, on a 15-day summer expedition cruise to Norway from Hamburg, the prices have been reduced from $7,498 to $5,998 and on an 11-day Fjords Expedition cruise from Dover, prices drop from $5,454 to $4,954.

The offer is available for a huge range of itineraries which you can view and book here, with just a few of the highlights below.



There are huge savings available for Antarctica cruises with up to around 30% off Antarctica and Patagonia expeditions and 28% off Antarctica and Falklands expeditions.

Antarctica and Patagonia expeditions on board Ms. Fridtjof Nansen will take you through the unspoilt glacial wonders of Patagonia before sailing to the Antarctic Peninsula.

You’ll see the colorful neighborhoods of Chilote, cruise through remote Patagonian villages, and learn about the wildlife and geological anomalies of Torres Del Paine National Park.

Expect to get up close to Chile’s fjords, either on foot or in small exploration boats, before rounding the wild and windy cliffs of Cape Horn.

Then comes the climax when you enjoy the unspoilt wonders of Antarctica. Expect to see whales, penguins and seals enjoying the white waters. You will have a team of experts who will take you to the landing points for the best viewing of the otherworldly icy continent.

Optional activities such as snowshoeing and kayaking among the icebergs are offered, and you can participate in onboard citizen science and learn about the area’s biodiversity.

If you opt instead for Antarctica and the Falklands on MS Roald Amundsen, you will also enjoy all the magic of Antarctica. But rather than sailing through Patagonia, you’ll trade the glacial peaks for the verdant hills of the Falkland Islands. You’ll find a slice of English country life and beaches with as white sand as anywhere in the world. Without forgetting the colonies of penguins and seals in abundance.

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Svalbard sits between Norway and the North Pole, and on your journey you can expect to encounter proud glaciers, snow-capped mountain ranges, and even enjoy a socially distanced view of local polar bears.

Hurtigruten organizes six-day cruises on MS Nordstjernen which focus around Spitsbergen, Svalbard’s only populated island and polar bear watching, with plenty in between.

Booking solo now can save you over $1,000 on your cruise. For example, booking a “Spitsbergen and Polar Bears – An Arctic Adventure” cruise (Wednesday through Monday) right now as a solo traveler, you can sail for $2,535.

You’ll learn about the area’s history at the Svalbard Museum and explore the rest of the town, keeping an eye out for wandering reindeer, foxes and grouse. You can even grab Russian nesting dolls to mix up your memory game.

Then you’ll be completely off the grid towards Magdalenefjord before looking for exploring polar bears and walruses scurrying to shore at Liefdefjorden.

If tongue twisters weren’t enough already, you’ll then head to Kongsfjorden where you can hike across grassy tundra, spot countless species of birds, and admire postcard-worthy mountains.

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All sorts of Norway expedition cruises are available under the one-off no-supplement promotion, with plenty of options depending on when you want to sail and what kind of trip you’re looking for.

Some of the itineraries available are a 15 day cruise from Hamburg to Norway in the summer sun through historic villages and towering fjords starting at $5998 or focus on the fjords on a spring trip of 11 days of dover in the magic world of the norwegian fjords from 5454 $.

You can even go from Tromso to Lisbon and cross seven countries on your way.

If you’ve been wanting to see a different side of Europe and want to experience it all to yourself and meet like-minded people along the way, take one of these Norway itineraries now.

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Trondheim, Norway

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