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Seabourn Venture Arctic Cruises: Admire the…


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Seabourn offers an exciting opportunity to cruise Svalbard, uniquely located between mainland Norway and the North Pole, with countless glaciers and amazing wildlife ready to be explored.

Seabourn brings you a new era of ultra-luxurious expedition travel with its luxury arctic cruises, combining authentic and exhilarating adventures in remote destinations with the awe-inspiring amenities of the Seabourn Venture cruise ship..

In the summer of 2022, cruise the beautiful Norwegian archipelago of Svalbard, a remote, vast and wild place largely untouched by human presence with Seabourn.

Breathe in the fresh sea air and admire views of rugged mountains, glacier blue glaciers and lush greenery to fully appreciate one of the most sought after destinations by expedition travelers.

Wake up every day aboard the Seabourn Venture, ready for another unforgettable adventure: glide under cliffs teeming with millions of nesting seabirds, circle sculpted icebergs in a kayak and spot whales, walruses, seals, reindeer and even polar bears and much more remote area with life.

What to do in Svalbard

The islands of Svalbard rise dramatically from the Arctic Ocean midway between Norway’s North Cape and the North Pole. Stony and sentinel peaks rise above deeply sculpted fjords and sparkling bays along the glaciers, which cover 60% of the island’s mass.

In summer, nature can be seen in abundance, the sparse vegetation of the tundra erupts under the endless glare of the midnight sun. Additionally, millions of migratory birds arrive from the southern kingdoms to nest, breed and feed their young on steep, ridged cliffs.

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Spot reindeer with elaborate antlers graze the slopes as arctic foxes and predatory gulls stand by, on the lookout for the opportunity.

Seals and walruses come out to join the breeding season, and patient polar bears patrol rocky shores and floating ice, while whales roll and breach offshore, feeding on the sea’s summer abundance.

Ride aboard zodiacs (inflatable boats) and paddle in kayaks, observe from decks and hike the islands themselves, discover and explore this secluded, unspoiled and breathtakingly beautiful location, then let him revel in his short summer.

Longyearbyen min

Seabourn cruises sail to Longyearbyen, Svalbard’s largest fjord system. Credit: Shutterstock

Where to go in Svalbard


Situated in a narrow valley along the banks of the Adventfjorden, Longyearbyen is a small tributary of Isfjord, Svalbard’s largest fjord system.

It stretches 60 miles on the island of Spitsbergen and is the seat of the governor of Svalbard. An incredible nine large tidal glaciers, with a combined 13 mile ice front, as well as dozens of hanging glaciers flow into the fjord.

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The city’s 2,100 inhabitants live in one of the most northerly villages on the planet, and make a living from coal mining, education and tourism.

Due to the city’s extreme isolation, proximity to Svalbard’s wildlife and pristine environment, there are unique laws that are found in few other places.

In fact, everyone venturing out of town is required to carry a rifle to protect themselves from polar bears and bad news for cat lovers, owning a cat is illegal!

Bjornoya norway min

Seabourn visits the isolated Bjørnøya where you can admire the cliffs. Credit: Seabourn


Halfway between the European North Cape and the Svalbard Archipelago, isolated Bjørnøya also lies along the border between the Norwegian Sea and the Barents Sea.

Fortress-like cliffs and sea chimneys greet you with the white noise of countless nesting seabirds coming and going from the rock faces.

Explore the sea caves and narrow channels between the chimneys and the cliff in Zodiacs from Seabourn Venture and, if conditions permit, the flat, lunar terrain on the shore opposite Herwighamna can allow you to land and meet the little one. weather station crew.

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Storstappen Island

Rising from the sea to a height of 930 feet and part of a formidable nature reserve home to hundreds of thousands of nesting seabirds, the island of Storstappen is one of the most important settlements in the north of the Norway.

The spectacular and exposed island is the summer home of around 400,000 pairs of puffins, hundreds of northern gannets and numerous black-legged kittiwakes as well as many other species of seabirds. This grouping of birds attracts dozens of white-tailed eagles.

The nutrient-rich waters that surround the island also team up in marine life, including gray seals and many smaller sea creatures.

Bear Island min

Seabourn visits Bear Island on an optional kayak excursion. Credit: Shutterstock

The five best things to do and see on The Svalbard Experience by Seabourn

  1. Take a zodiac cruise past the almost vertical cliffs of Bjørnoya and enter and exit the caves listening to the sound of the sea and the calls of seabirds.
  2. Explore the tundra ecosystems with Seabourn’s expedition guides and learn about the tiny flora that thrive in the harsh arctic environment while admiring the fascinating rock formations.
  3. Try to spot a polar bear in its natural habitat – an encounter with the King of the Arctic is something you will remember forever!
  4. Marvel at the myriad of colors and shapes created by glacier ice as it molds the landscape over which it flows.
  5. Optionally, you can join a kayak team to paddle north of the Arctic Circle to explore Bear Island, the southernmost island in the Norwegian archipelago of Svalbard, midway between Spitsbergen and the North Cape. The island features craggy and populated bird cliffs as well as a beautiful rugged coastline.
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Discover Svalbard with Seabourn Venture. Credit: Seabourn