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The 10 Best Crash Bandicoot Games Of All Time, According To Reddit


As Microsoft very recently acquired Activision Blizzard, this could mean that fans will see another Crash Bandicoot game in the not too distant future. Not only that, but it could also mean that the next Accident The release could be an Xbox exclusive, which is ironic considering the bandicoot started as the mascot for Sony’s first PlayStation.

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the Crash Bandicoot The series has a long history with Sony consoles since its inception by Naughty Dog, and with a potential new game on the horizon, it’s worth looking back at what made them great. And Redditors were quick to debate their favorite games in the series. However, as with all long-running series, Crash Bandicoot the franchise has a few stinkers, but the fanbase is so loyal they even love them.

ten Crash Bash (2000)

While many fans think crash shot is a fun game, even despite its average reviews, it’s far from the best, but Grandmaster_Rush begs to differ. The Redditor “really loved how fun and addictive it was”. The 2000 game is made up of several mini-games, like trying to push other players out of icebergs. In fact, most levels see the player trying to push their opponents out of the game arena.

crash shot is a party video game, and like the much more famous Crash Team Racing, it’s better with more players. The game has a single-player mode, but it’s nowhere near as fun and there’s no point. It’s almost as if the beloved Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater the games consisted only of mini-games like Graffiti, Tag, and Horse.

9 Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back (1997)

Crash fleeing a bear in Crash Bandicoot 2

Rob_Highwind thinks that Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back is the best game in the entire series because of its core elements. The Redditor posits, “It’s simple, has tight controls, and most importantly, it’s fun.” And though it doesn’t sound very exciting, The cortex strikes back introduced many new mechanics which made the game much less frustrating than the original.

Between double jumping, skidding, and crawling, there are new ways to kill any oncoming threats. And the Naughty Dog team also got more creative when it came to hiding secret areas. It may have the least memorable levels from the original trilogy, but it has the best feature of the three.

8 Crash Nitro Kart (2003)

Crash Nitro Kart on PS2

After one hugely successful go-kart racing game in the series, the next logical step would be to create another, and that’s exactly what happened. Follow-up development was led by Vicarious Visions this time around, and while the developer did a great job of remaking the original trilogy with 2017 N. Sane Trilogyhe clearly still had a lot to learn 19 years ago.

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However, Vic-Treasuresson thinks it’s the best game in the series, and they know it’s not the answer fans are looking for when they explain that they’re “expecting pitchforks”. In fairness, the game did a decent job of mixing kart racing with traditional on-foot platforming levels, but it was nothing groundbreaking.

7 Crash Bandicoot 4: About Time (2020)

Cortex Castle in Crash Bandicoot 4

So much Crash Bandicoot the games were released in the interval between Crash Bandicoot 3: distorted and the latest published It was time that is impossible to count. And, sadly, even fans recognize the series’ downward spiral since Naughty Dog dropped it.

However, that all changed when developer Toys For Bob created Crash Bandicoot 4: About timeand he simply claimed that whatever was published after Veil did not exist. Nebrepins thinks the fourquel is so good that “Even though I love the original trilogy, Crash 4 makes them really outdated and boring. “The new game kept the tone of the first three, updated the graphics, was full of hidden Easter eggs, and is extremely difficult. “Cortex Castle” is the hardest level in the series, but it’s also one of the best.

6 Crash Bandicoot: Wrath of Cortex (2001)

Crash Bandicoot Wrath Of Cortex Cropped

After three amazing main games and the best kart racer ever who isn’t Mario KartNaughty Dog relinquished ownership and development duties were passed to Traveller’s Tales. Wrath of Cortex was the first game in the series developed by the new studio and the first to remove numbers from titles, which was likely to stop drawing attention to the series’ age. But Wrath of Cortex displayed the age of the franchise by having absolutely no new ideas in the game.

Although the game is broken, it’s still loved by a small number of people, and ThomasTheGreen not only thinks it’s the best, but they wonder why other Redditors don’t feel the same way, asking, “Where’s Wrath of Cortex…” But, in reality, the game was broken and players can literally complete “Ghost Town” without even touching the controller.

5 Crash Twinsanity (2004)

Crash Twinsanity Cortex Bees

Twinsanity was the series’ next big release after a massive three-year gap after the poorly received Wrath of Cortex. And while the 2004 game had better reception, that doesn’t mean a whole lot. The developer, Traveller’s Tales, hasn’t learned from its mistakes with Wrath of Cortex, because the 2004 version was again broken in so many areas that it was almost impossible to collect some gems. But the game still has a huge following among Bandicoot fans, and Sportakus1 loves it more than any other game in the series.

The Redditor notes, “The soundtrack is awesome, some levels are really good, and Cortex shines.” Twinsanity is the closest the Crash series has to having an open-world game, as players can freely explore a good chunk of Sanity Island. And it was also a team game, as players controlled both Crash and the evil scientist Neo Cortex. At the very least, more than any other game in the series, Twinsanity proves that Crash deserves the Netflix treatment.

4 Crash Bandicoot 3: Distorted (1998)

Some think Crash Bandicoot 3 is overrated, but Psi001 and many other users think the game isn’t just the best Accident release, but one of the best games ever made. The editor notes: “Deformed variety and even in traditional gameplay, I prefer its faster levels and move progression, not to mention awesome bosses compared to most of the other three.”

Although there was a big increase in the quality and variety of levels from the first to the second game, Crash Bandicoot 3: distorted is a sprawling epic compared to The cortex strikes back. In addition to riding tigers along the Great Wall of China, Crash rides motorcycles, pilots airplanes, and even rides dinosaurs. Not only that, but the game incorporates time travel, meaning levels can be set hundreds of years in the future, or during Dynastic or Mezasoic times.

3 Clash of the Titans (2007)

Crash of the Titans Titan Idol

The crash of the titans saw ownership change hands again, and this time it was Radical Entertainment’s turn to try and inject some new ideas into the series. Nechotik is almost afraid to share his opinion on the 2007 game. The Redditor reluctantly admits, “Please don’t hang me, but The crash of the titans. Does ANYBODY like it? It is my favorite”

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The 2007 game follows Crash as he attempts to stop Cortex, who has turned the people of Wumpa Island into mutants known as “Titans”. The game lets players jump on the backs of these titans and control them, but it runs out after just a few levels, and it’s generally one of the franchise’s most hated games.

2 Crash Bandicoot (1996)

Crash Bandicoot Stands on a Course (1996)

While Crash was originally a wombat and went through many redesigns, development was eventually smoothed over and the original 1996 game was unlike any other at the time. Where the games of the other console mascots were at the forefront in terms of game mechanics, whether Super Mario or sonic the hedgehog, Crash Bandicoot was all about aesthetics.

C4-ABD sums it up best by explaining, “I love the creepiness, how evil Cortex is (not goofy and stupid), the soundtrack and how simple it is.” Featuring a soundtrack by the weird and wonderful band Devo, wandering the depths of the jungles of Sanity Beach and slowly making their way to Castle Cortex, Crash Bandicoot is a vibrant and thrilling adventure unlike any other.

1 Crash Team Racing (1999)

Crash Bandicoot racing for the finish line in Crash Team Racing for PS1

While the main series is its own type of platformer, Crash Team Racing owes a lot to his peers. The game is heavily influenced by Mario Kart and many more such games. Crash Team Racing sees players racing through familiar territory, as all race tracks are modeled after levels from the original trilogy, and players can also wield weapons that have been used against them often in all three of these games.

AbandonedBySony thinks there are no two ways and the best Accident the game is “definitely Crash Team Racing“Just like the main series, there’s a weird vibe to many of the levels, and Devo’s music is just as good as ever. And with the game’s full remake in 2019, it’s better and more popular than ever.

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