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The £ 15 MILLION Vacation: Dinner with Famous Explorers, then a Private Jet to a Frozen Island …


The £ 15 MILLION vacation: Dinner with famous explorers, then a private jet to a frozen island … and an expedition to take the first steps in “undiscovered” territory

  • Adrenaline junkies who want to book this vacation will need to have their pockets full
  • Ultra-luxury travel agency Ariodante says it’s “the adventure of a lifetime”
  • There is only one seat available on this unique adventure worth £ 15.3million
  • They will also need polar survival training to cope with temperatures of -34 ° C.

From hiking the Inca Trail in Peru to racing the Great Wall of China, adventure vacations are all the rage.

Adrenaline junkies, however, will need really deep pockets for the latest extreme getaway – it costs £ 15.3million.

The other problem is that there is only one location available, and whoever gets it will need polar survival training to deal with temperatures of -34 ° C.

Organizers of the Arctic trip to Earth’s northernmost point insist it will be worth it, as the lucky vacationer will earn a place in the history books as the first person to set foot on an unknown land.

He or she could also “become a benefactor of humanity”, they say, due to the positive scientific impact the trip will have on understanding climate change, and could even end up starring in a television documentary because they will be accompanied by a crew film.

In a glossy brochure, Ariodante, an ultra-luxury London-based travel agency, touted it as “the adventure of a lifetime.”

Stock pic: North Greenland

Stock pic: North Greenland

Anyone who books the trip – which is not expected to take place until 2023 – will be accompanied by a team of 22 including scientists, a doctor, a chef who worked at Claridge’s in London and a film crew to ‘immortalize’ the achievement. .

On the first day, the holidaymaker will be driven with the driver to the Natural History Museum in London for a dinner with “famous explorers”.

They will then fly by private jet to Svalbard, an archipelago between Norway and the North Pole, then to Greenland, landing at Station Nord, a military and scientific base.

After a night in a specially constructed ice hotel, there will be a trip of at least seven days the aim of which is “to discover one or more islands in the north of Greenland”.

Along the way, the adventurer is promised views of the Northern Lights, glaciers, and wildlife like polar bears, puffins, walruses and whales.

They will reach Kaffeklubben which, according to the brochure, “is currently the northernmost point on Earth. And then we will reach an unknown land ”.

The brochure adds: “It takes courage (and a form of madness) to embark on such an extreme but rewarding adventure.

Stock pic: A Toyota Hilux operating in central Greenland

Stock pic: A Toyota Hilux operating in central Greenland