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The Real Jack and Rose: 15 Fun Facts About the Titanic


In their haste to tell a story between the sinking of the ship in the middle of the night and the press hour of that morning, many newspapers reported that there had been fortunately no death. In a truly misguided display of positive thinking, one headlined: “The Titanic Sinking, but probably no lives lost.

Nazi propaganda

(Deutsche Filmvertriebs)

In 1943, Hitler’s crew make a movie on how those idiot Brits sank the Titanic despite the heroic (fictional) efforts of the Germans. With a budget equivalent to $180 million in today’s money, it was the most expensive propaganda film ever made.

It was predicted by a novel

Fourteen years before the Titanic sank, an American writer published a novel about a supposedly unsinkable ship that was the largest in the world taking off from England in New York in April, hitting an iceberg and killing most of its passengers for lack of lifeboats. The boat was even called the Titan.

The real Jack and Rose

Jack and Rose

(20th Century Fox)

There really was a forbidden love affair involving an expensive necklace aboard the Titaniceven if it was a little more sordid than lovers out of class. Kate Florence Phillips was traveling to America to start a new life with his married boss, who had sold his business to give money to his wife and child and, of course, to buy his mistress a necklace of diamonds and sapphires which he had made sure she was wearing before she boarded her lifeboat. He didn’t make it, but he left his legacy in the necklace and the baby they apparently conceived on the ship. Their daughter sold him in the ’90s instead of throwing him in the ocean like an asshole.

Top Image: 20th Century Fox