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Three epic adventures you can only have in Canada


As the floodgates open to international travel in 2022 and Australians plan their Canadian adventure, one thing is certain: they want it to count.

If the pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that every travel experience is special, and there are moments that have the capacity to change your perspective forever.

From a White Christmas in the Canadian Rockies to spotting monolithic icebergs and encountering polar bears in the wild, read on for three mind-blowing adventures best experienced in Canada.

1. Christmas white magic

A quintessential white Christmas holds a special place near the top of the to-do list for most Australian travelers.

The Canadian Rocky Mountain province of Alberta is an idyllic winter wonderland that will trigger heartwarming nostalgia in anyone who has ever watched a winter Christmas movie on a hot Australian Christmas day.

Spend the holiday season at the quaint Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise, surely the intended subject of “Walking in a Winter Wonderland”, where sleigh rides adorned with bells crisscross the shores of frozen Lake Louise between snow-capped pines, and the castle is adorned. of Christmas trees whose balls shine as bright as burning fireplaces.

The neighboring Township of Banff celebrates six weeks of Christmas festivities, including a hot chocolate trail and the Banff Christmas markets. An afternoon on snowshoes, a fondue lunch or an ice walk in Johnston Canyon will make this a Christmas you will never forget.

But don’t take our word for it. Join Brian Johnston as he tumbles into Sugar Plum Fairy’s boudoir on an enchanting Christmas in the Rockies.

2. Come face to face with a polar bear

It’s one thing to see a polar bear on Instagram, it’s quite another to meet one in the wild (a good distance!) And Canada is one of the few places on Earth where this unique dream becomes. reality.

Fall in love with the awe-inspiring beauty of the subarctic landscapes of Churchill, Manitoba, known as the “Polar Bear Capital of the World,” and feel that keen thrill of excitement when you stand near the mighty polar bear.

Churchill is the only place in the world that offers a polar bear walking tour. Fly by bush plane to one of Churchill Wild’s three exclusive wilderness lodges, each conveniently located in remote areas for the ultimate polar bear safari experience.

Take a daily guided hike through the tundra to see polar bears and other arctic wildlife up close in their natural habitat.

Read on to find out what it feels like to see the ultimate barrier-free arctic predator: Meanwhile in Canada… it’s time to face the polar bears.

3. Hunt the ‘shepherds

Time stands still as you witness the breathtaking spectacle of the colossal parade of mountains of ice along “Iceberg Alley”.

You are here, standing on Canada’s most easterly point in the wild and mystical Atlantic province of Newfoundland and Labrador, where puffins adorn cliffs, wild blueberries line the hills and ancient glacial giants make an annual Arctic procession as a showcase movement of Mother Nature’s best work.

In fact, it was an iceberg just like one of those 10,000-year-old monoliths that sank the Titanic in 1912, just over 600 kilometers off the coast of Newfoundland. Today, locals make good use of icebergs, harvesting the pristine ice to make vodka, beer, gin and rum.

Visit between May and August for the best chance to witness this extraordinary phenomenon.

Paddle along the ‘bergs in a sea kayak and discover the rugged beauty of breathtaking sea caves, coves and fjords, or hike along the coast and admire the glittering ice sculptures as they drift through Iceberg Alley to a soundtrack of boreal songbirds.

From whale watching to icebergs, Newfoundland’s natural sights are as alluring as the living cultures and traditions of its communities, tinged with Irish, English, French and Indigenous influences.

Read on to immerse yourself in the old world charm of L’Anse aux Meadows, with its rich Viking history, rugged, rugged coastline, and salt-of-the-earth figures that make you feel like you never want to leave.