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TOP OF THE WORLD: Greek Woman Conquers Antarctica


A few days ago, Greek mountaineer Vanessa Archontidou achieved an incredible feat.

After many adventures and hardships, she managed to conquer the seventh peak of the world and complete the so-called 7 peaks, that is, the ascent of the highest peaks of all continents.

By climbing Mount Vincennes in Antarctica, Vanessa kept her promise to send a message about the need to act in the face of climate change.

In particular, as an ambassador for the European Climate Pact, she saw the impact of human activity on the environment, even in the most remote regions of the world, and recognized the need for mobilization and immediate action before it is too late.

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“What we wanted to do in Antarctica, by climbing the highest peak of Vincennes but also by skiing at the South Pole, was to send a very important message that we must act on the climate now,” she said. to ERT.

“There is a very important tool, the Peer Parliament, that is to say discussing with the other climbers who took part in the mission. Peer parliament can be done anywhere, even from the kitchen of our home.

“What we’re trying to do is talk to people in our community and be able to ask them how they can change their way of life and contribute as much as they can, in their day-to-day lives, to the change that will come from we.

“All the data we collect will be sent to the European Commission and decisions and policies will be made based on it.”

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Regarding the Peer Parliament, she pointed out that “our aim is to invite people who may be in our neighbourhood, anyone.

“One of the things that has been discussed is how we can reduce carbon dioxide emissions from cars.

At the same time, Vanessa spoke about the tragic situation, as she said, in Antarctica and the melting of the ice that can be seen with the naked eye and how much the climate has changed in the inland.

She pointed out that “I started out shy – shy eight years ago. It was not my job to do mountaineering, I was driven by my love of nature and the mountains.

“Each year I set myself a goal and a peak and that challenge was completed with the ascent to Antarctica.

“I wanted it not only to be a personal challenge but also to have the symbolism that I explained to you about the climate, for the whole world and all Greeks.”

Archidou has climbed the highest peak in South America, Cerro Aconcagua in Argentina; Elbrus in Russia; McKinley in Alaska; Carstensz Pyramids in Papua, Indonesia; and, of course, Mount Everest on the Nepal-China border.

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