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White Glacier survival suit disrupts life-saving tech industry


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Posted on July 6, 2022 at 2:45 p.m. by

The Maritime Executive

[By: White Glacier]

With little change in neoprene survival suit technology since the 1960s, the team behind White Glacier’s Arctic 10+ Survival Suit has achieved the most significant breakthrough in product innovation. for years and is expected to disrupt the lifesaving equipment market.

Survival suits are an integral part of a seagoing vessel’s safety equipment and are a matter of life and death in cold water. Nonetheless, many still choose a cheaper product as a way to tick the box from a compliance standpoint.

White Glacier CEO Diego Jacobson and his team developed the Arctic 10+, a next-generation survival suit that delivers worldwide confidence in safety, comfort and survivability.

Certified as an immersion suit with the United States Coast Guard, European Marine Equipment Directive and Transport Canada. The Arctic 10+ passed rigorous testing at the North Pole, achieving Polar Code compliance. It is the survival suit of choice for the French luxury exploration vessel, Le Commandant Charcot, part of the Ponant fleet.

The Arctic 10+ was designed with survivability in mind, not just regulatory compliance. It exceeds all current requirements for buoyancy, warmth (CLO), fire resistance, jumping from a height in water and comfort.

“As polar exploration vessels, deep-sea fishing vessels and superyachts continue to be built at a rapid rate and with the ability to reach further and further into extreme ocean environments, the technology for keeping sailors safe shouldn’t be an afterthought,” White Glacier said. Founder and CEO Diego Jacobson.

“Expecting standardized immersion suits to provide optimal survivability is not arbitrarily true. In fact, it’s a risk to assume that the technology of yesteryear will be adapted to the needs of today,” added Jacobson.

“In Antarctic waters, for example, temperatures can drop below freezing, kept liquid by the high salt content. Exposure to water at these temperatures will be fatal within minutes,” Jacobson said.

White Glacier exceeds International Maritime Organization polar compliance with its Arctic 10+ survival suit. Jacobson says “the mandate as it stands is that there should be adequate thermal protection for all passengers and crew. The Polar Code does not yet specify what a polar immersion suit will be, but it is coming.

The focus on the application of immersion suits rightly jumps to mind at images of ice caps and freezing conditions. However, any water below around 25 degrees Celsius can put you at risk of hypothermia, especially when conditions are exacerbated by wind chill.

Having a suit that can effectively handle temperature and exposure in all latitudes has advantages over cheaper alternatives with fewer features.

The integrated splash tent effectively converts the Arctic 10+ into a thermally protected personal life raft. The habitat creates a seamless barrier that protects against wind, rain and sea conditions, allowing access with bare hands, while allowing a level of freedom and comfort that can defuse the feeling of panic and despair. exposure.

This level of calm meant that in testing the Arctic 10+ was described by users as “being in a comfortable sleeping bag on a waterbed”. Being calm and relaxed increases survivability.

A distinct feature of White Glacier Arctic 10+ is a comfortable and effective temperature regulation system. If in temperate waters, one can open the suit from the inside, remove the arms and cool off in a controlled manner. The suit can then be zipped up for protection when the weather conditions change.

The Arctic 10+ represents the next generation of superyacht safety, with a future-proof level of compliance and compliance.

Developed by Jacobson and the team at White Glacier, with over 30 years of military and civilian contract experience, they can meet and exceed the production capacity required to meet any order from the marine, coast guard, cruises and superyachts.

For a demonstration, more information or to place an order, visit www.whiteglacier.com or for a product catalog click here.

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