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Winter is coming and it will be “extremely cold”: Accu-Weather report


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Southern Calgarians and Albertans should expect a colder-than-usual winter with plenty of snowfall in the mountains, a new report from AccuWeather predicts.

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The report released Thursday says a La Nina weather pattern forming in the Pacific Ocean is expected to bring wet weather to Canada’s west coast this winter, while a polar vortex could be pushed from the North Pole to the Prairies.

“I think we could see at least three extreme gusts of extremely cold air falling over the southern Prairies this winter,” meteorologist Brett Anderson said in the report online. “This winter will likely be colder than winter 2018-19 and the coldest winter since 2013-14 in the region.”

Anderson said temperatures could drop to as low as -30C during these times. He predicts a -2 ° C colder-than-average winter in the southern Prairies, with Alberta and Saskatchewan experiencing the largest temperature drops.

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The report says winter will be positive for cold weather enthusiasts, such as ice fishermen and people looking to play hockey outdoors.

Anderson also announced good news for skiers and snowboarders as he predicts snowy weather in the Rockies of British Columbia and Alberta. Stormy weather is expected due to so called La Nina conditions. La Nina occurs every three to five years when the jet currents are amplified, paving the way for colder and stormy weather.

Last year, La Nina conditions formed in Canada as well.

“Heavy snowfall is expected across much of the ski area, from the British Columbia Coast Ranges to the Rockies of western Alberta,” said Anderson.

The Farmer’s Almanac forecasts “fine weather” for most of October and November, with colder temperatures over the Rockies and stormy weather developing over the Prairies shortly before December.

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