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‘Worldslayer’ will draw fans to Enoch


“Outriders” was designed as a standalone game with no microtransactions. Everything in the game was accessible and could be earned. That didn’t mean People Can Fly’s loot shooter was perfect, but it did have some enticing features and a better-than-average story about a planet colonization gone wrong.

Although it wasn’t a live game, that didn’t mean the “Outriders” narrative would end in the credits. People Can Fly refined the campaign and made fixes to its final game, and naturally that work flowed into the franchise’s first expansion – “Worldslayer.”

Players will encounter a new enemy in Ereshkigal, a mighty Altered who wields a mysterious new power in “Worldslayer,” the “Outriders” expansion pack. (Square Enix)

This is the first piece of paid content for “Outriders”. It will not be part of GamePass. This is a digital upgrade that features a new campaign, enemies, environments, gear, and powers. The expansion continues where the campaign left off as players searched for drop pods. During one of these missions, players encounter something unexpected and it leads them to face a new one named Ereshkigal, who wields a new and mysterious power.

With the expansion, players can expect a level cap increase to 40 and many other changes including finding level 75 gear. Challenge tiers will be replaced with something called Apocalypse Tier which is open to everyone. To aid players in this new difficulty, players will have nearly a hundred new legendary items, including weapons and two new class-specific 5-piece legendary armor sets, and several 3-piece legendary armor sets that any class can use. These legendaries also have new mods integrated.

world killer outriders
New Apocalypse Tier gear and new Legendary gear are great additions to bringing players back to “Worldslayer,” the “Outriders” DLC expansion pack. (Square Enix)

That’s great, but what everyone will want is the Apocalypse Gear, which are new Epic and Legendary item variants that have a third mod slot. According to Lukasz Osinski, Associate Head of Game Design Balance, the third mod is random, but the more players dive into the game and dig in, the more likely this mod is to be legendary.

Finally, the progression system will have an upgrade with new PAX class trees that evolve Pyromancer, Devastator, Technomancer, and Trickster adding a new subclass specialization. “Worldslayer” also has Ascension, which is a long-term system, which allows players to add up to 200 points to certain aspects of their Outrider by giving them minor bumps to traits such as armor, health or attack power. It’s a way to reward those who put in hundreds of hours into the game.

Osinski said the team had thought about the idea of ​​a new class, but it was outside the scope of what they wanted to do. Instead, they wanted to tweak what was there by adding the new PAX tree, where players can spend 5 points. Three come from the campaign and two more can be obtained in the late game
Speaking of which, Osinski and Rafal Pawlowski, a combat level designer, are keeping quiet about it. The only detail they offer is that it’s called The Trial of Tarya Gratar.

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Players will face new enemies as well as new locations in “Worldslayer”, the “Outriders” expansion. (Square Enix)

Much of the work and design philosophy behind “Worldslayer” can be seen in the new environment and new enemies. In the two places I encountered, Glacier’s Edge and Black Gulch, I ventured through an icy wasteland and a swampy ghost town. Each had enemies that reflected the type of environment. In Glacier’s Edge, I fought a lot of woolly mammoth type mobs. As I ventured into the caves, I encountered variations of some familiar enemies.

Black Gulch had more conventional soldiers, and they seem to come out of the woodwork. It was the type of environment where taking cover was mandatory while the Glaciers Edge felt wider open as I had to deal with hordes of enemies.

From what I’ve played, past upgrades and new content make “Worldslayer” an intriguing prospect. For long-time fans, the added adventure and gear will entice players. For newcomers, the ability to jump in and join veteran friends is available with an instant level 30 boost. That’s something to watch out for when “Worldslayer” releases June 30 on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X and Series S, PC. The expansion will cost $39.99 and a bundle including the full game and “Worldslayer” costs $59.99.