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Obituary of SAMUEL RAYMOND (1928 – 2021) – Falmouth, MA

RAYMOND, Samuel Otis Adventurer, inventor and oceanographic engineer, dies at age 93 From ice diving at the North Pole with the National Geographic Society to exploring ancient Tibetan culture with his daughter, Sam Raymond has led a full life adventures, trips around the world, endless curiosity and innovation. Son of inventor Horace Raymond, Sam graduated from MIT with a BS in Mechanical Engineering in 1950. After graduation, he worked with his former teacher and mentor, Dr Harold Edgerton, eventually leading the Division of Mechanical Engineering. ocean products at EG&G. His love for the ocean, his interest in photography, and his skills as a mechanical engineer led Sam to found Benthos Undersea Systems in North Falmouth, MA in 1962. Benthos became a leader in the design and manufacture of equipment for ocean science and underwater photography. Sam and Benthos have contributed to many important oceanographic research expeditions for organizations such as the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute and the National Geographic Society. Benthos equipment was used to capture the first photographs of the wreck of the RMS Titanic at the bottom of the sea, as well as filming underwater footage for James Cameron’s film Titanic. Sam enjoyed scuba diving, skiing, caving, hiking, trail biking, travel and music, playing jazz on the piano and clarinet. His urge to travel has taken him to travel the world, often with little more than a small backpack and his trusty ukulele, traveling by bus and staying in hostels. Driven by boundless curiosity, Sam enjoyed tinkering, figuring out how things work, and imagining ways to make them work better. He was curious, creative, and unafraid to risk failure, convinced that he could solve any problem and leave the world in a better place than he found it. Sam is survived by his children Eric, Vaun, Nixie and Monica; his brother Georges; brother-in-law Jack Heinzmann; grandsons Morgan and Jesse; and his first wife Heidi, the mother of his children. He was predeceased by his wife Holly Nichols Raymond, his brother Richard and his sister Jean Heinzmann. To watch a two part video biography of Sam, Google “The Adventures of Sam Raymond”. For a full obituary and guestbook, visit https://beautifultribute.com/samuel-otis-raymond/ A Celebration of Life will be scheduled for summer 2022 in North Falmouth, MA. See the guestbook on the above website for more details.

See the Samuel Otis RAYMOND online memorial

Published by Boston Globe December 4-5, 2021.

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Acoustics and air bubbles could help researchers monitor melting glaciers

Image credits: Hari Vishnu.

As temperatures continue to rise, glaciers continue to melt – it’s a given. However, tracking exactly how and when glaciers melt is a whole new problem, and it has been a difficult one for years. But a team of researchers may have a solution.

Hari Vishnu, from the National University of Singapore, Grant Deane, from the Scripps Institute of Oceanography, and their research team have found that melting ice releases distinct pressurized bubbles that can be detected acoustically.

“In tidal glacial bays such as the ones we studied in Svalbard, the ice lost by the glacier is mainly due to submarine melting and glacier calving,” Vishnu told ZME Science. “The underwater soundscape in a frequency band of 1 to 3 kHz is dominated by the sound of the submarine melting of glacial ice and the subsequent release of pressurized bubbles within that ice. “

The air trapped under the glacier creates more and more pressure, retaining air bubbles that can reach pressures of up to 20 atmospheres of pressure; when the ice melts, these bubbles are released and produce detectable sounds.

The main idea is that a faster fusion creates a faster release of bubbles, and therefore more sound.

“So we’re aiming to reverse that sound to try to get some information on the rate of ice melt. Sound cues have been used in the past to estimate the amount of ice lost due to calving as well, and now we are focusing our efforts on the other component, which is submarine melt.

Image credits: Hari Vishnu.

The acoustic intensity of this release depends on various parameters (including the geometry of the glacier / ocean interface, the temperature and the salt composition of the water and ice), but this intensity can also offer clues about the way the ice melts. Specifically, glaciers melt faster when exposed to warmer water, causing bubbles to come out stronger and faster.

“This discovery is exciting and significant because it tells us that the sound measured in the bay contains clues to the rate of underwater melting, and that in the future it is possible for us to develop techniques based on it. ‘listen to this sound to monitor the melting rate on these glaciers,’ adds Vishnu.

Researchers use a vertical array of sound sensors to profile the underwater sound of a bay. It’s like an acoustic underwater camera, explains Vishnu, but acoustically only “images” in the vertical direction. The sound of the glacier melting arrives horizontally, so that other sounds can be filtered out. Ultimately, after some signal processing, researchers can remove unwanted noise and other effects and gain insight into how the ice melts.

In the long term, the method could be used to study glaciers over a large area, as sound can travel long distances underwater. It would allow long-term monitoring and is relatively easy to deploy and use, the researchers said.

“Our long-term goal is to establish long-term sound recording stations in the glaciers around Greenland and Svalbard to monitor their ice loss and stability. But there are challenges in getting to a point where we can do it on such a large scale with precision and using a system that can operate autonomously, and the results we have reported are a first step towards that. stage. “

If confirmed (the study has not yet been published in a peer-reviewed journal), this remote sensing method could be an important method not only in terms of climate change, but also in reducing the risk to boats. to move in glacial areas.

“There is sometimes ice that calves glacier terminus, which means there is a possibility of ice falling on your head or backing up under your boat if you try to approach the area around the terminus. A monitoring method capable of evaluating the loss of ice from a distance is therefore necessary ”, concludes Vishnu.

The results were presented at the 181st meeting of the Acoustical Society of America, which will be held from November 29 to December 31. 3, Hayden Johnson.

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Smart Credit Score Urges Australians to Fight Payday Financing

Smart Credit Score Urges Australians to Fight Payday Financing

Sydney, Australian Continent, August 18, 2015: Customer support, from a credit score perspective, has actually required a better understanding of the risks associated with payday credit and its potentially adverse effect on economic well-being long-term Australian consumers.

Research shows that consumers experience a drop of $ 228 after a month after using a payday loan provider compared to your own overdraft. [1]

In light of the forthcoming summary of federal regulations on payday loan providers after a recent ASIC document [2] , Dirk Hofman, Managing Director of Credit Scoring, Savvy is concerned that Australians may be drawn to payday lenders’ wish for quick money, not realizing that it can have bad long-term results on the track record of detected credit and financial well-being.

Household financial obligation has hit an all-time high, and more than 1/2 of Australians found they had a financial shortfall between their own paydays last year. [3]So payday loans are presented in user-friendly packaging to look like a convenient option, Mr. Hofman said. However, research suggests that Australians really need to be careful with the significant costs associated with these debts.

Credit Rating Savvy has learned that in many cases, if a consumer borrows $ 1,000 from a payday lender, they will owe the financial institution $ 1,240 in one month, or $ 240 in fees and charges. ‘interest after a given period. [4].

However, when using a $ 1,000 private overdraft which is often because inexpensive like $ 12 in fees and interest after a month, a client can cut down to $ 228 compared to a payday loan. instantaneous. [5].

Another substitute for a payday loan are credit card cash advances. Attracting a $ 1,000 cash advance can only cost $ 28 after a month [6].

Consumers also may not know the results of payday lenders on credit scores. An online payday loan application is usually given a unique weighting compared to other types of credit score when a credit revealing human anatomy determines an individual’s credit rating and could potentially lower it. Smart Credit Rating provides Australians with free access to their Experian credit rating and is an advocate for positive credit action.

We are thirsty for Australians to try and stay away from payday lenders. Since credit score applications stay on their credit report for about 5 years, you will have to ask yourself if I absolutely want this payday loan program to show up on my credit report in certain years when a bank actually reviews my. vehicle or mortgage application? The danger is that it could narrow your credit options over time, said Hofman.

The US government’s review of payday lenders is expected to come down to the end of the entire year.

Best Methods of Credit Savvys:

* Try to avoid using payday loan providers by anticipating and having a reasonable budget.

* If you are in a difficult situation, talk to your credit company, most of them have actually committed financial hardship teams. They may be able to offer you the choice like a repayment vacation, or an extension of the phase of your mortgage.

* always check and monitor your credit score

* Do your homework, look around and consider switching providers, or an alternative credit solution (for example an overdraft or an individual line of credit and sometimes even a cash loan on your own bank card)

* Do not create too many credit programs (credit cards, financing) structure quickly

* Consider using free information eg self help and hardship loans. People can contact an independent monetary advisor free of charge by calling 1800 007 007.

* Learn more about payday lenders here.

Note to editors:

[1] IMB private credit line since 08/11/2015 [2] Payday loan providers and the new touch financing arrangements, percentage of Australian securities and financial investments, March 17, 2015 [3] ING Direct Index of household monetary well-being, April 2014 [4] fund converts the cash advance loan, the LoanRanger advance loan, the nimble cash loan, the sun lending centers lending expenses cleanly by 11/8/2015. This certainly matches the regulated coverage of 20% establishment fee and 4% monthly fee. [5] IMB personal line of credit by 08/11/2015. [6] ME Frank Credit Card Cash Advance

About Credit Wise

Smart Credit Score is actually a completely free web service provider that helps Australians understand their credit profile and how they can manage it. They use data from the Experian credit scoring muscles to grant Australians free access to their particular credit history, Bad Credit Payday Loans Fort Walton Beach Florida monthly re-scores at no cost while having the power to track their own long-term rating and receive notifications for any critical changes to their Experian credit report.

Changes to your Australian privacy work in 2014 resulted in much more detail about each consumer’s credit rating behavior in their particular credit history, particularly credit limitations and l ‘payment history. By doing this, the Australian continent is moving towards an overall credit rating that has been followed in other countries including the United States, Great Britain, and New Zealand. About 80% of credit-spirited Australians don’t learn their own credit score.

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All-new Celebrity Summit routes revealed for 2023


In 2019 Celebrity summit became the second Celebrity Cruises ship to be revolutionized as part of the company’s $ 500 million fleet-wide upgrade program. With over a year of downtime, guests haven’t had much time to enjoy the ship, which is why it’s great news that Celebrity has unveiled epic Northern Cruises aboard the ship in 2023.

The traditional change of leaves in New England, lobsters in Maine, experience French culture in Quebec, Bermuda cruises, and Martha’s Vineyard all lead on what will be two epic cruises to Iceland and Greenland.

Visit the “Great White North”

For some, the Caribbean is the dream cruise destination; others prefer destinations more off the beaten track. It’s good to see that Celebrity Cruises covers both groups with its range of ships.

Of course, there are the smaller expedition ships such as the Xpedition class ships sailing the Galapagos Islands. However, for those who wish to explore the east coast of the United States and Canada and further explore the Atlantic Ocean, the new cruises on board Celebrity summit are a great fit.

Photo credit: Mystic Stock Photography / Shutterstock.com

Celebrity summit will embark on a series of 7 to 12-night cruises, sailing to some of the North Atlantic’s most sought-after cruise destinations. Before heading north in 2023, the ship will first take several cruises visiting Bermuda, Charleston and Martha’s Vinyard.

In August 2023, he will start from Cap Liberty, New Jersey, and Reykjavik in Iceland and Greenland. The first cruise will depart New Jersey on August 6. After a day at sea, the ship will call in Halifax, Nova Scotia, followed by the beautiful town of St. Johns, Newfoundland.

After that, the ship will sail to Greenland with a stopover in Qaqortoq, the largest city in southern Greenland. A day of scenic boating and possibly iceberg and wildlife viewing in Prince Christian Sound, where guests can take in the beautiful scenery for the cruise, with mountains reaching 4000 feet and jutting glaciers gradually towards the sea.

Qaqurtoq, Greenland
Qaqurtoq, Greenland (Photo credit: MrLis / Shutterstock)

Also Read: Carnival Cruise Line Adds Second Greenland Cruise Due To Huge Demand

All of this will end with stops at Akureyri and Isafjordur, both in Iceland. Guests will disembark from the ship again in Reykjavik, the capital of Iceland. The next cruise, August 19, will follow the same route in reverse.

Canada and New England

Once Celebrity summit concluding her Greenland and Iceland cruises, she will embark on a series of cruises from Boston that will explore the beautiful northeastern coast of the United States and also visit stunning ports in Canada.

This 11-night vacation sails round-trip from Boston and visits ports such as Rockland, Maine, Bar Harbor, Halifax, Sydney, Charlottetown and the capital of French culture and flavor in North America, Quebec, where the ship will be for two. days and one night.

Celebrity Summit Cruise Ship
Photo credit: Carlos Yudica / Shutterstock.com

“The beauty of travel is how it rewards you with unlimited variety, rewarding experiences and a deeper understanding of other cultures,” said Lisa Lutoff-Perlo, President and CEO of Celebrity Cruises. “It makes me so happy to announce routes like Celebrity summit for 2023, as it offers our clients opportunities to immerse themselves in everything from Bermuda island life to the beautiful surroundings of the Canadian coast.

In February 2019, the 91,000 gross tonnes built in 2001 Celebrity summit underwent Celebrity’s fleet-wide Revolution program. The $ 500 million upgrades have involved significant changes on board, from upgrades to restaurants, lounges and cabins, to ship interior updates, to the addition of The Retreat for guests. completely redesigned suites and a spa and casino for the ship’s 2,158 passengers.

Until there, Celebrity Summit, Millenium, Equinox, and Celebrity Silhouette have undergone the Revolution program, while plans are on the table to upgrade Celebrity constellation, infinity, eclipse, solstice, and Celebrity Reflection by 2023.

Celebrity Summit Cruise Ship

Part of southern Washington will close today and tomorrow for Merry Market


South Washington Avenue between Main Street and Elm Street will be closed to traffic today and Saturday for the Merry Market, Main Street El Dorado has announced.

The event will run from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Saturday and will offer a wide variety of jewelry, clothing, seasonal items, children’s books, holiday treats, crafts and more for sale through temporary vendors, pop-up shops and retailers. downtown merchants.

Beth Brumley, executive director of MSE, said the section of Washington Avenue between Main and Elm will be blocked off today as vendors begin to settle in for the event.

Admission to the Merry Market is $ 5.

Entrance fee comes with a canvas tote bag; entry into the reception tent, which will include food and will be heated; a ticket to the door prize draws that will take place throughout the day; and a “passport” to be stamped by downtown businesses and Merry Market vendors when shopping.

Passports will be entered into a grand prize draw in which one lucky participant will win a $ 200 shopping spree at participating downtown businesses and four tickets to MAD on Ice.

Ticket holders must be present to win prizes.

For an additional $ 10, attendees can experience the North Pole from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. on the west side (Washington Avenue) of the Union County Courthouse.

The North Pole experience includes photos with Santa Claus – and possibly the Grinch – and a bag of “reindeer food”, a bag with oats, birdseed, sprinkles and a note with instructions on how to prepare for Santa’s arrival on Christmas Eve.

Proceeds from the Merry Market will go to the Arkansas Women’s Business Center, which helps entrepreneurs, especially women and minorities, start a business.

The AWBC has canceled its annual Mistletoe Market, a fundraiser, due to the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19).

In addition to shopping for the holidays and helping the AWBC, people who attend Merry Market can also help a Union County resident.

A blood drive will be organized in support of Marie Reynolds, 15, of Norphlet.

Reynolds suffers from aplastic anemia, a rare condition in which the body is unable to produce new blood cells, making the patient more susceptible to infections and internal bleeding.

“She had to spend weeks out of school receiving treatment at the Arkansas Children’s Hospital and receiving platelet infusions to stabilize her blood supply,” Dr. Ken Bridges, professor of history and in Geography at South Arkansas Community College and Resident Historian for South Arkansas. Historical Preservation Society, wrote in a column in the News-Times earlier this week.

During the Merry Market, a LifeShare Blood Centers donation bus will be parked at 116 N. Washington. The blood donations will be used, in part, as a replenishment for Reynolds.

LifeShare donor t-shirts will be distributed to attendees while supplies last.

For more information, visit www.mainstreeteldorado.org or the MSE Facebook page. Also call the MSE office at 870-862-4747. Leave a message if there is no response.

To reach LifeShare in El Dorado, call 870-444-4750.

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10+ Recommendations for a Getaway to Greenville, SC


Falls Park on the Reedy | Photo by Vanzeppelin Aerial for VisitGreenvilleSC

Fancy a vacation or need to take a break after hosting a big family reunion while on vacation?

Maybe you are looking for a romantic weekend or to finally use it experiential holiday gift. Whatever your motivation, a getaway to Greenville, South Carolina (house for GVL today) is the one you are looking forward to all year.

At this time of year, Greenville is more like red-and-greenville. Its bustling downtown streets are decorated in a holiday decor and packed with activities that the whole family can enjoy (think: ice skating + hot chocolate).

To help you plan, we made a list (and double checked) hotel recreation + must-see vacation activities in Greenville, SC if you want to travel this season:

AC Hotel Greenville, 315 S Main St.

  • Details: One block from downtown GVL iconic Falls Park, AC Greenville Hotel is in the heart of downtown. Take a peek at the Main Street window displays as local retailers festively decorate their storefronts for the year Main Street Window Decorating Competition. ️
  • Advantages: It is located about half a block from the United Community Bank Ice on Main. Put on your skates and enjoy the holiday spirit by spinning under the stars at Ice Cream on Hand (a mini replica of Rockefeller Center) while you warm up with hot chocolate, coffee + treats. Pro tip: Buy your ticket in advance – $ 10 per adult, $ 8 for children ages 4 to 12. ??

Greenville Marriott, One Parkway East

  • Details: Located just off The Parkway, the Greenville Marriott is ~ 20 minutes from the Mauldin Cultural Center. Visit this month for their Christmas at the beach, featuring live beach-style holiday music, a holiday market, photos with Santa, annual tree lighting + a few cheery extras that will help lift your spirits.
  • Advantages: Do you have pets? No need to leave your furry family members at home for the holidays. They are welcome at the Greenville Marriott.

Need more options? We’ve rounded up over 5 additional vacation getaway activities and hotels we think christmas love.

  • Details: If a round of golf on Christmas morning seems like the best gift ever, this is where you will want to book your stay. Channel your inner Dustin Johnson at the Verdae Reserve, a championship golf course located right next to the station.
  • Advantages: There is an on-site restaurant with a outdoor bar + fireplace for real vibrations of roasted chestnuts on an open fire.
  • Details: Wake up on Christmas morning in your suite and enjoy your coffee on a balcony overlooking the rooftops of the city center or your premium room package from an assortment sweets + bevs.
  • Advantages: Sizzling USDA Prime steaks + award-winning wines are on the menu at Ruth’s Chris Steak House, while the rooftop restaurant and bar, UP on the Roof, offers handcrafted cocktails, local cuisine and spectacular views. Relax with a dip in the salt water pool – the only indoor swimming pool in the city center.
  • Details: Just off I-385, the Hilton Greenville is about a 10-minute drive to downtown and within walking distance for business, shopping, dining, and entertainment.
  • Advantages: While in the city center, stop at the Upcountry History Museum, which will host a very happy exhibition; and the North Pole itself will be arise at the nearby Lowcountry Children’s Museum. *


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Ex-dividend reminder: Blackrock, Glacier Bancorp and Berkley


THElooking at the universe of stocks we cover at Dividend channelon 6/12/21, Blackrock Inc (Ticker: BLK), Glacier Bancorp, Inc. (Ticker: GBCI) and Berkley Corp (Ticker: WRB) will all trade ex-dividend for their respective next dividends. Blackrock Inc. will pay its quarterly dividend of $ 4.13 on 12/23/21, Glacier Bancorp, Inc. will pay its quarterly dividend of $ 0.32 on 12/16/21 and Berkley Corp will pay its quarterly dividend of 0.13 $ on 12/22/2. 21. As a percentage of the recent BLK stock price of $ 906.02 this dividend is around 0.46%, so look for Blackrock Inc stocks that are trading 0.46% lower – all things being. otherwise equal – when BLK shares are open for trading on 12/6/21. . Likewise, investors should look for a 0.59% lower open price for the GBCI and a 0.17% lower open price for the WRB, all other things being equal.

Below are the dividend history charts for BLK, GBCI and WRB, showing historical dividends before the most recent declared.

Blackrock Inc (symbol: BLK):

Glacier Bancorp, Inc. (Symbol: GBCI):

GBCI + Dividend + History + Graph

Berkley Corp (symbol: WRB):

WRB + Dividend + History + Graph

In general, dividends are not always predictable, following the ups and downs in corporate profits over time. Therefore, a good first step in due diligence in forming an annual performance expectation in the future is to review the above history, for a sense of stability over time. This can help judge whether the most recent dividends from these companies are likely to continue. If continued, the current estimated returns on an annualized basis would be 1.82% for Blackrock Inc, 2.35% for Glacier Bancorp, Inc. and 0.68% for Berkley Corp.

In Thursday’s trading, Blackrock Inc shares are currently up around 0.6%, Glacier Bancorp, Inc. shares are up around 0.8% and Berkley Corp shares are up around. 1.1% on the day.

Click here to find out which 25 SAFE dividend-paying stocks should be on your radar screen ”

The views and opinions expressed herein are the views and opinions of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of Nasdaq, Inc.

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Using Internet Installment Financial Loans. At West Side Financing, we are clear about the terms and conditions of the mortgage loan and try to make lending techniques as easy as possible for clients.

Using Internet Installment Financial Loans. At West Side Financing, we are clear about the terms and conditions of the mortgage loan and try to make lending techniques as easy as possible for clients.

Western Side Credit is a tribal lending entity wholly owned by the Menominee Group, a sovereign Indian tribe of the United States under federal charter. We provide financing to people facing credit dilemmas to help them when needed.

We follow the federal regulations listed here, including:

Facts in credit work

Electronic resources move work

Fair Trade Collection Agency Techniques

Fair credit report work

Gramm-Leach-Bliley Privacy Terms

Possibility of equal credit rating

How it works

Installment debt is a great replacement for payday advances as it is a short term loan that allows you to pay off some of it each month instead of most of the stability of your next salary.

Funding for the western part, as a tribal loan provider, complies with national legal guidelines and rules regarding the Menominee tribe. Thus, giving consumers who may have difficulty locating debt through old-fashioned networks the chance to be eligible for an unsecured mortgage.

The credit of the West zone benefits from certain conditions. You must be at least 21 years old, a Me Citizen, and just have an open bank account that currently receives business income through direct deposits. We would recognize report inspections, instead of digital payroll accumulation, if these types of checks are deposited on a consistent factor.

When you get installment financing from West Part Financing, you could meet the requirements by making $ 1,500 as a first borrower. Coming back to people with a good remittance record, but may qualify for large amounts of work $ 5,000 with lower rates.

We confirm applicant information and credit scores through national databases such as, but not limited to, quality, number of items and Microbilt.

Applications accepted and prepared by 12:30 PM EST on any business day would be funded the same day; Loan applications recommended and processed after 12:30 PM EST will be funded the next business day. The inevitable delays that occur due to lender travel, your specific bank’s monitoring schedule, inadvertent operational errors, “acts of kindness” and / or “acts of terror” can extend the total duration of the loan. deposit and could create a general change in the day of disbursement as disclosed here.

West Side Financing LLC is a financial arm and instrument of the Menominee Group of Wisconsin, a federally respected sovereign Indian country (the “Tribe”) that abides by national rules and functions for client financing within the reservation limits of the tribe. Western area credit LLC is licensed and operates under tribal laws. Funds borrowed from Western Side Financing LLC were governed by state and group laws, possibly not by the laws of the county in which you live. Absolutely nothing in the communication should be interpreted as a waiver of sovereign resistance, which is basically explicitly reserved.

Please note that this is exactly an expensive type credit score. Western Area Lending financial loans are designed to help you meet their temporary borrowing needs and are generally not intended as a long-term credit score or monetary solution. Examples of unforeseen emergencies that this credit score can be used for are vehicles that repair debts, health care, or essential travel expenses. The appropriate choices for the West Side Lending credit product tend to be payday loans, personal loans, home equity lines of credit, established savings, or borrowing from whoever you want.

The Annual Percentage Rate (“APR”) as placed on the loan will be between 630% and 780% depending on their cost schedule, salary regularity, funding phase and amount of payment. your loan. Non-disbursement may result in additional fees and range activities as defined in the funding agreement and permitted by applicable tribal and federal law.

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Wellington earthquake risk greater than expected


The composition of the soil beneath Wellington could put the city at increased risk of destructive tremors during an earthquake, new research shows.

The article, written by MSc student Alistair Stronach and Professor Tim Stern of Te Herenga Waka – Victoria University of Wellington, shows that the thickness of the soft sediment under the city of Wellington is up to two times higher than previously thought.

The ground beneath Wellington could put the city at increased risk of destructive tremors during an earthquake, new research shows.  (File photo)

Kevin’s Stent / Stuff

The ground beneath Wellington could put the city at increased risk of destructive tremors during an earthquake, new research shows. (File photo)

Stern said when seismic waves passed through layers of sediment – as opposed to rock underground – they increased in intensity and caused more shaking.

“It can have a devastating effect on cities, even when earthquakes are several hundred kilometers away. “

* The Melbourne earthquake was one of the biggest in Australia for half a century
* Ten years after devastating tsunami in Japan, scientists ask if this could happen in New Zealand
* Rocky Icebergs and Deep Anchors: New research into how planetary forces shape the Earth’s surface

The research will help predict the tremors Wellington can expect to experience during earthquakes and shed light on why the city suffered so much damage in the 2016 earthquake near Kaikōura, when strong waves were produced which “trapped” in the sediment basin below Wellington and caused unexpected damage in the Pipitea and CentrePort districts of the city.

“Fortunately, no lives were lost, but several high-rise buildings had to be demolished and the CentrePort wharf was so badly damaged it was out of service for months. “

The Statistics House on Wellington's waterfront was one of the buildings worst affected in the November 2016 earthquake.

Kevin’s Stent / Stuff

The Statistics House on Wellington’s waterfront was one of the buildings worst affected in the November 2016 earthquake.

The vulnerability of this area to seismic waves arose both from the depth of the sediments and from the fact that it was mainly reclaimed land (new land created by backfilling the edge of the port).

The research data will be used in future computer simulations to predict the tremors that one might expect in different areas of the city.

“These simulations are vital for planning building designs and identifying the parts of the city most vulnerable to intense tremors from local and distant earthquakes,” Stronach said.

The research, funded by the Seismic Commission and published in the New Zealand Journal of Geology and Geophysics, used high-precision measurements of the Earth’s gravity field to map the sediment thickness below the city of Wellington.

The measurements were made with a state-of-the-art gravimeter, which could determine differences in gravity up to one part in 100 million.

“We took measurements throughout Wellington’s central business district and along the city’s outer hills,” Stronach said. “We have identified a maximum thickness of around 540m near the Wellington Regional Stadium [Sky Stadium], which is double the previous estimates.

The research also mapped an extension of the recently discovered Aotea Fault as it passes from the harbor near Clyde Quay Wharf below Waitangi Park, before heading south, roughly along the Kent Line. Terrace.

“Based on our modeling, this fault has several flares – or branches – across the lower slopes of Mount Victoria and appears as a steep step in the bedrock below the Te Aro portion of downtown Wellington,” Stronach said.

UAE polar explorers unite to mark Antarctica Day


A group of intrepid Emirati explorers are no longer poles apart after meeting to discuss their epic adventures and highlight the threat of climate change even in the most remote parts of the world.

The UAE Polar Network consists of 35 UAE citizens – 19 men and 16 women – who have visited one or both of the North and South Poles.

The Abu Dhabi Environment Agency (EAD) invited them to a special event at Expo 2020 Dubai to mark Antarctica Day on Wednesday.

The annual occasion celebrates the anniversary of the signing of the Antarctic Treaty in 1959 to protect the continent.

The event – the lights of Zayed – was narrated by several explorers who set foot in the Arctic, where the North Pole is located, and Antarctica, site of the South Pole.

Members of the network include Ameera Al Marzooqi, 29, the first Emirati woman to visit the heart of Antarctica.

She has visited the continent twice, the most recent in 2016, when she accompanied Sir Robert Swan, who was the first person in history to travel to the North and South Poles, to visit Union Glacier and test the renewable technologies, including solar lights.

The chilling effect of climate change

She said she saw the effects of climate change with her own eyes on her travels, including plastic waste.

Ms Al Marzooqi plans to return to Antarctica in March with Sir Robert to film a documentary and raise awareness of the environmental issues facing the continent. She said she was currently looking for a film crew to join her.

“We have seen plastic in Antarctica and in the Arctic as well. It shows how big a problem plastic waste is. It’s everywhere, she said.

“We need immediate action. People don’t realize how important it is to protect Antarctica. It will affect us all, the melting of Antarctica, the ice will raise the sea water level and affect us all. “

EAD organized its own expedition to the continent in 2018, when Team Zayed lit up the Antarctic sky with 100 solar lights. He then released a documentary based on the two-week trip.

“People say that the mandate of the Abu Dhabi Environment Agency is only that of Abu Dhabi,” said Ahmed Al Hashmi, interim executive director of biodiversity at EAD.

“However, we always say that the impact of EAD is not just at the local, national or regional level. It is also international. We believe that environmental issues are shared by all. There is no border between countries, physically. We share the same land, water and air.

He said the EAD delegations also visited the North Pole.

“And we send them environmental messages. So when we participate in Antarctica, we send our people to get more of the international group that participated during this mission and to focus on the main issues, climate change and global warming. The impact is clearly there, ”Al Hashmi said.

“When they returned, they delivered this message to the public.”

Sharing experiences

Winston Cowie, head of maritime policy at EAD, said the idea was to bring together all the explorers from the United Arab Emirates who had visited the poles to mark Antarctica Day.

“We did some research and found out that there were about 35 people who went to these far away places and did some amazing things from environmental remediation work to electrical engineering, by the way. by installing solar panels in a research base, some really cool stuff.

“So for Antarctica Day, we wanted to bring everyone who’s been there and have an event at the Expo and send another message to the world to shine the spotlight on climate change, especially with the Cop28 in to come. “

About half of the members of the UAE Polar Network attended the event, including delegations that visited the continent in the 1990s.

Update: December 1, 2021, 3:17 p.m.

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